10 steps to build a site that sells – how easy is?

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Those who are thinking to build a site must take into account that, once they launch it in the virtual environment, this will be the digital image of the business or brand that they want to promote.

Most people who want to have access online do so because they know that this virtual world can bring them either customer for their business or contacts that can be exploited in the future.

The main goal of any site, even if it is not a specialized eCommerce site, is to sell either objects or any other kind of product, both physically and virtually. A photographer wants to sell his services, a lawyer can look for clients for his law firm, a financial consultant wants to sell financial products and the examples can go on.

Some may want to “sell” themselves, to express their ideas, the opinions of a suitable audience. To “sell” his image…

They all have one thing in common, namely, they are the owners of a domain and a site, with which they want to reach the main objective: “to sell”.

But how will they succeed in a virtual world where competition is expressed in the number of visitors, bounce rate, upload speed, analytics, and other technical elements that make a difference in a very pragmatic way.

The site must be built, from the design phase, in such a way that it helps the owner, to be able to achieve its main objective stated above.

From graphics to content, from the choice of the server to the optimized posting of photos, all this must be done perfectly and in accordance with the rules commonly accepted by specialists in this field, so that the site attracts visitors and they come to convert, to turn visitors into your “customers” in the highest possible ratio.

Below we will present 10 steps to build a site that sells and I hope will help you to promote either your business or what you want.

1. Be up to date with the technical requirements for a quality site

The first thing we must take into account when starting to create a site is that it complies with the rigors required by specialists.

This means finding a very good server to host it, doing it in such a way that it loads very quickly, having a design harmonized with the unanimously accepted requirements, including an accessible navigation menu, and, last but not least, to make it responsive, ie compatible with all screens of mobile devices.

There are some conditions without which the site you are just preparing to launch will only attract visitors in a very small number, and they will not linger too long on it.

2. Optimize it perfectly from the beginning

Increased attention must be paid from the design phase to search engine optimization, both written content and posted media content.

Everything must be done according to the book so that the site can hold important positions in the search engine rankings, without which a site cannot attract visitors (customers). From adding the best possible titles and descriptions to the process of building external links to your site and optimizing your photos, all these elements will help you access an organic source of traffic, vital for your success in the online environment.

3. Post original content when you build a site

Nowadays, where there is almost a national hysteria regarding plagiarism, the unauthorized copying of someone else’s content can only bury a site permanently since its launch. The famous Google search engine bases its ranking on an exact algorithm created to promote only original, creative sources that bring more information to the online environment, so absolutely everything you display on your site, from texts to photos or graphic banners, absolutely all must be unique and created by the owner of the site.

4. Make a site accessible, easy to navigate for visitors

A site where the visitor fails to manage is a site that will definitely lose it. Absolutely all the navigation elements on the site, links or buttons, must be displayed in a visible place, easy to access, and the visitor must find and use them in an intuitive way as if opening a door. Without these elements, it will be lost on the site and will be tempted to leave it as soon as possible. And it will be a potentially lost customer.

5. Contact information

Any site, whether it is an online store, a presentation site, or a simple blog, must display, in a visible and easy-to-spot, information about the owner and how he can be contacted. A site that does not bring such useful information turns it into a web ghost, and no one would want to “buy” something or interact with something completely unknown.

6. Display testimonials

Everyone feels the need when they want to buy something, either a physical product or a service, to find out the opinion of others about these situations, from those who have tested them and expressed an opinion in this regard. It is vital for you to display customer opinions, in this sense you can ask those you have collaborated with or bought from you to send you short feedback that you can display on your homepage or on the page of your products.

7. Call to action

A site without this type of button simply cannot sell anything. Any interaction of a potential customer with the site must clearly end with a click on one of these elements, either graphics or text link.

They should display messages such as Buy!, Add to Cart, Contact Us, Try!, Texts with an imperative message urging the visitor to take action, buy a product, fill out a form, or go to the page contact information of the website owner.

These elements without which a digital marketing activity cannot be conceived must be displayed in colors and formats that stand out, in obvious contrast with the general design of the site. Their positioning matters a lot in this sense, being indicated to be done as many tests as A and B, in order to increase their conversion rate.

8. Social Media

Today it is very important to use the power and size of an environment that has developed a lot in recent years, namely social media.

It is well known that an increasing number of people access and use this social networking regularly, so be ready to connect your site with these social platforms. You need to integrate from the beginning on your site those little buttons that help your content to be distributed by users to others but also to display the social accounts attached to your site or brand. In this way, you help the user to relate to the site, and if he liked something he can make you an effective advertisement.

9. Be in real contact with your site visitors

If you want your site to be successful, you must think about integrating an online chat module from the beginning. Those who come into contact with your site may be interested in becoming your customers, but they need someone to guide them and give them more details. With a tool like this, which can be accessed instantly, and behind which is someone who can provide the necessary support, it is a “must” when you want your site to “sell”.

10. See what the competition is doing

In order to make a very good site in his field, you must, before you start designing it, see what the competition sites look like and make a list of the things that you think are good. It is possible to find things that they value very well and starting from this source of inspiration, you can develop and customize them on your site in a constructive way.


We hope that these tips will help you and give you the necessary impetus for access in this field, as vast as online.

Now it’s your turn to apply the above information. Leave a message below with what you did to make your site a seller for your business.

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