11 ways to make money from blogging

make money from blogging

Looking to make money from blogging? Writing is in your genes, you don’t lack talent, and are you ready to dedicate your free time to a (virtual) pen?

Well, today, when the internet generously provides you with a lot of tools, it is much easier not only to write – because you have a multitude of sources of inspiration and documentation – but also to earn money from the blog. All you need is dedication, perseverance, and some advice.

However, before all this, you need a blog. Here are some tips to help you build a successful blog.

Here’s how to make money from blogging

Promote PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is the first and most used way to make money from the blog and works on the classic principle of newspaper ads, say. Basically, when your blog enjoys decent traffic, advertisers, be they companies or public figures, will be willing to pay to enjoy your blog’s audience.

And now, the dilemma: how do you get to those companies and public figures that may be interested? Don’t worry, Google does it for you through the Google AdSense platform! The latter mediates between you, as a blogger, and advertisers, for a fee from the cost of that ad, of course. But when you are just starting out, any help is invaluable.

Basically, the AdSense service will integrate an ad into the article page. You just set the size of the ad, and its content is published by Google. How does this ad bring you money? For each click received by the ad, you receive a commission. Now, the commission varies depending on the advertisement itself (how much a certain brand bids), the market (the American audience, for example, has a better cost than the one in China, or India), and the traffic. Pragmatically, the more traffic you have, the higher the chances that your ad will receive more clicks.

Learn more about Google AdSense here.

Affiliate Marketing

Another effective and widely used way to make money from blogging is affiliate marketing. Likewise, once you have decent traffic, you can already think of an affiliate program, through which you will use your blog to recommend products or services to those who follow it.

But be careful! Finding out is profitable when the specifics of your blog are related to the products being promoted. It’s a bit difficult and ineffective to recommend cosmetics when your blog is focused on IT, for example.

The good part is that today there are several affiliate platforms that can help you make good money from blogging.

You can do the affiliation directly. Contact directly customers who sell products in areas similar to those you write about on the blog. If you give them good visibility of the brand, you will definitely receive important commissions.

Promote CPM (Cost Per Impression)

adsterra by findtheblogger

Although not as profitable as before, CPM promotion refers to those paid ads based on the number of people they display. Because they often take the form of pop-ups, they can be annoying to your visitors. In addition, you need considerable traffic to benefit from some money from them.

Text promotion

It is based on links to products and services of some companies, which you integrate into the content of the articles on your blog.

When your readers click on that link and complete an order, you will receive a commission from that transaction, as a reward for recommending those products or services, thus contributing to their sale.

Text promotion is a very effective way to make money from blogging, without having to annoy your visitors with annoying banners or pops. And it’s effective not only for you, as a blogger, but also for advertisers, who can promote their products or services in a targeted way, by using the keywords they click on.

For example, if I am going to talk about hosting services, I will recommend you Hostinger. this is a text promotion.

Again, the quality of the links you use is important. Being external links can positively or negatively influence the SEO score of the site.

So, choose to promote trusted products or brands that are related to the areas addressed in the blog pages.

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Banners online

When you already have over 100,000 unique visitors/month, the possibility to earn money from the blog goes to another level, that level where you allow yourself to offer advertising space to those interested according to your rules and directly, without the existence of an intermediary such as Google AdSense.


technical seo audit

Depending on the profile of your blog and, especially, the success it enjoys online, you can negotiate amounts at will and you can decide how and where to display advertising banners.

Again, your earnings depend on your blog traffic. So, learn how to optimize the texts on the site to get better organic indexing.

Sponsored reviews are in high demand by companies, who want to use your influence and notoriety, as a blogger, to promote their products.

They refer to the creation and publication on your blog of articles, such as adventurous, with information about a certain product or company. All for a fee, of course.

Sponsored reviews are effective when you’ve already won the trust of those who follow you and you have a loyal audience you can rely on. Trust is a precious thing, so take care of it. To keep making money from the blog after more than one sponsored review, don’t write about women’s swimsuits if you’re a gentleman, or about razors if you’re a lady.

Own products

Are you a passionate handmade blogger? Or maybe culinary products? Do more than just talk about your passion, sell your products with your own blog! It’s that simple! In addition, no one will be outraged by such an advertisement. It’s normal to make money from your blog by selling your products, isn’t it?

From this perspective, you will need to optimize your WordPress site. You need fast-loading web pages that contain relevant keywords and capitalize on the buying needs or intentions of your target audience.

Although we are a bit used to free e-books, you can earn money from premium content. For this, however, you need to know your niche very well, the needs of the audience you are addressing, and to be able to create valuable content.

It’s not easy and time-consuming, but it’s an effective way to add to your blog revenue.

Accumulated experience

Once you have become an authority in your field of interest, proving your authority through the blog, you may well begin to enjoy their fruits. Anyway, you can offer your consulting or freelancing services, for a fee.

You can, for example, give tips on optimizing a WordPress site from an SEO perspective.


One less popular and practiced way to make money from blogging is through donations from readers.

It goes without saying that in this case you need to enjoy the attention and support of a solid fan base, and your blog must have proven over time that it deserves financial support. But it’s not impossible!

If you are looking for donations tools, I highly recommend, Donorbox and Formidable Forms.

Selling the blog

At some point, yes, you can enjoy blogging money by simply selling it. But it is a radical way, which brings you gains in one and only tranche. Not to mention that it takes a lot of work to get to that point, because the value of a blog depends a lot on its number of loyal readers, its notoriety, and perception among the public.

The blog is no longer just a way to show a passion for writing. In the meantime, it has become a marketing tool in all its power and, as such, a tool that can bring you steady and even consistent income – if you are patient and persevering enough.

And because it’s all about perseverance, you need to know how to keep the article publishing rate constant to make money from blogging.

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