How to create a landing page with WordPress?

The topic of our discussion is how to create a landing page. Sounds a little familiar to you, doesn’t it? Indeed, in the past, I have written extensively on How to Write an Irresistible Sales Page. Today, however, is the time to talk about some technical aspects of making a sales page.

The online environment is a complex and dynamic one in which things change quickly. If you have a website or you intend to create one in the near future, then you must be up to date with the information in the digital sphere and especially with those elements that help you improve your business.

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What is a landing page?

First of all, let’s recap a little. A landing page is a sales page that, as the name suggests, has the main role of selling.

This page can be found integrated into the structure of your website in order to convince users to buy certain products, services, or offers that are valid for an indefinite period of time.

Be careful, a landing page is different from a one-pager website. The two differ in both purpose and means. If the landing page sells or tries to do it as efficiently as possible, a one-pager site presents and describes various services in a unified and easy-to-follow way.

I have already discussed the differences between a one-page site and a multi-page in this article. You can browse it for more information.

At the same time, a landing page can be created if you do not own a site or do not necessarily want to integrate it into it. Such pages are usually created when the offer made available is limited in time and those pages do not contain other links that may take the user away from the proposed offer.

What are the purposes of a landing page?

Regardless of which of the two options mentioned above you want to opt for, remember that: a sales page gives the user the feeling that they need to take immediate action!

Learn how to generate more conversions for your landing page. I recently told you about the LIFT model but also about other techniques that can help you sell faster and more efficiently.

Consequently, you can use such a page in various contexts such as increasing sales, the size of the database with emails, downloading an ebook, enrolling in a course or webinar and the list goes on.

It is important to determine from the beginning the purpose for which you make the landing page. Once the final target is set, you can redirect users to that page through Facebook, email marketing campaigns, or other social media channels (social networks) that you use.

About the means by which you can send emails to your database, we discussed in detail in the article how to choose the right email marketing tool.

What should I include on a landing page?

Before you start making your sales page, it is essential to consider the following key aspects so that you can more easily decide on its design:

  • specificity: it is important to be clear about what you offer in order to exclude possible doubts as much as possible and to keep in mind at the same time what you will have to gain in the end;
  • benefits: no matter how useful your products and services are, you need to clearly highlight the benefits of the offer to increase your conversion rate; otherwise, users will only read the information, but will not take action on the landing page;
  • instant: both the structure of the page and its content must create the feeling of the potential customer that they must purchase the offer immediately, and not later; otherwise, the chances of that person turning the page are slim;
  • conversions: now that you’ve caught the user’s attention and managed to convince them that your offer is the most appropriate, how do you get them to buy it? – the steps through which he buys the product or service must be created as simple as possible so that they are intuitive and quick to follow.

Don’t forget to track the performance of your landing page. From this point of view, your Google Analytics account will be of real help to you.

How do I create a landing page?

When it comes to WordPress, there are two great options you can use to easily make the sales page you want.

I. Creation of landing page with WordPress themes

As you probably already know, WordPress provides you with a variety of themes, fonts, and colors. Equally, the features of these themes such as eye-catching sliders or specific icons help you easily create a page like this.

For the blog, we made a selection of free WordPress themes to choose from.

Some themes examples are:

If you haven’t done a landing page before, here are some plugin suggestions you can try:

Thrive Landing Pages
WordPress Landing Pages
Optimize Press

#1. Optimize Press

It is the plugin whose main functionality is the drag and drop option, i.e moving the visual elements available on the page in the section where you want them to appear. Also, the changes you make to the page are monitored using the live editor option, so you can easily keep track of your changes.

Last but not least, you have 30 predefined themes at your disposal. Consequently, you can easily create the sales page from scratch even if you do not have technical knowledge.

#2. Thrive Landing Pages

With this plugin, you can choose from over 160 themes available for creating the landing page. It also helps you generate meaningful conversions without writing a single line of code.

Moreover, it includes advanced performance analysis so that you can monitor the activity of the page.

#3. Elementor

It includes over 25 modules that help you create a complex landing page. Therefore, you can opt for 400+ icons, 800+ Google fonts, columns, various boxes, Google maps, testimonial sections, images, videos, and more.

It is also a good option, as all available design models adapt to mobile devices and have included SEO optimization.

More details about SEO factors can be found in the article on the most important SEO performance indicators.
These are just some of the options I recommended for creating a landing page. Of course, there are a variety of WordPress themes and plugins that you can test, but I hope my suggestions are a good starting point for your business.

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