How to write articles that people enjoy reading?

All those who work online, or who own at least one site, in any field of activity, have been put in the situation to write articles, or having to make content, informative or opinion articles for their online project. Whether you have an online store or a simple blog where you post travel impressions, you need to be prepared to practice your writing, to know how to put on paper (well, on the computer keyboard) the ideas you want to charm your audience with.

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Nowadays, in the online environment, you have to know very well how to present your ideas in articles that will attract readers and from here visitors to your site, because without them, any online project is almost non-existent.

Searching in a very large web of information, the reader you are targeting through the content created must find your article, access it and get to read it, but first of all, he must see it then. when looking for it in a search engine like Google.

Things are very simple:

He is looking for information, you have already prepared this information on your site, but the same thing appears on other sites.

How can the reader differentiate this, and how will he come to choose truly quality and accurate information from all points of view?

If we talk strictly about an online search engine, in this case Google, things are simple.

The interested person will access the articles of interest if they have a title that contains one of the searched keywords, but which is also a title that will attract, incite, “call” the reader to click on it. As well as the meta description, it must be short and to the point, and contain, like the title, the targeted keywords.

But it is not enough for you, the one who created that article, that content aimed at finding your future reader.

You also need to position yourself in the search results over your competitors. Maybe they have an article as good as you, with a good title and a good meta description.

But here we go into SEO, which is optimizing the site for search engines, and that is not the purpose of our article today.

We are interested in the following fact: to be able to bring the reader to the site, through a search engine, and to keep him there, giving him to read a quality article in which to find all the answers he is looking for.

And how do we do that?

How to make a quality article that will attract and make the reader go through it to the last point?

We will try to give you some objective tips today to help you be able to write articles that people want to read.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes

First of all, when you start sketching the content of an article, you have to do it by putting yourself in the place of the one you serve, in the place of your reader.

Ask these questions first, and strive to find the answer to them:

  • What does the reader want to know?
  • Why would you want to read this article?
  • What new information do you bring?
  • What do you bring different from others?

The answer to these 4 questions will bring you the key to creating a quality article that will keep the reader captive on your site, your ultimate goal.

Article structure: Introduction, Contents and Conclusion

This is the first thing you learned from the first years on the school benches, when you had to make a composition on a certain subject.

And this is true today. There are no articles without this minimal structure.

This is the only way for the reader to understand the ideas you want to convey.

Any type of article you want to bring to the reader has no value if you do not structure it in this way.

In the first 2-3 sentences (Introduction) you have to catch his attention to read the rest of the article!

Here are some tips to help you get started: It is vital that these few sentences arouse his interest, otherwise he will leave your site immediately.

The conclusion must also be very clear, concise and represent a conclusion of what is written in that article.

Use incisive titles

We all know that good headlines “sell” are the first thing that catches the eye of readers when they first come in contact with your article, so make sure you choose the best title as you prepare to launch your article.

Either you think about the title before you start the article, or you will decide the title along the way, while writing the content and according to it.

In both variants, you have to choose a title that is as incisive as possible and that can make the reader think, ready to react and access your article, because this is the main objective of a quality headline.

The headlines may include data or other statistics, may be in the form of pertinent questions or may only suggest a solution to a given problem or problems.

Nobody knows which titles attract readers better than after a thorough analysis, and as a tip: check with Google Analytics which are your most visited articles and try, as much as possible, to reuse those titles that have attracted the best readers .

Use suggestive photos

We all know the phrase, “A picture is worth 1000 words.” And it’s perfectly true. An article without images is much less attractive than an illustrated one. On Facebook, for example, most of the posts accessed are those that include an image, a suggestive photo.

The online environment is certainly different from the conventional “paper” environment of other reading sources such as newspapers, books and magazines. Today’s people, bombarded with all sorts of information, are no longer willing to spend time or may not have the patience to stop and read long articles without a “visual stimulus.”

The article is perhaps too uninteresting for social media users and, along with very well thought out titles, the pictures come to add value to the content you create. They are like a gateway to the main text, and without them an article does not achieve its goal, which is to attract and capture the reader to the last word and the last punctuation mark displayed.

Now it’s your turn to follow the tips above.

Please comment below what the result was and if this information helped you.

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