HubSpot CRM – The best 8 good reasons to choose That?

Why should you choose to switch to HubSpot CRM? You probably already have a CRM or similar system for your sales processes and an automation system for your marketing. So what can HubSpot do that can justify the time and money for a switch?

The Internet puts buyers in a stronger position than ever before. It becomes an increasingly difficult task for your salespeople to close the leads that marketing throws at them. Therefore, sales and marketing increasingly need to work together.

Imagine a situation where marketing generates warm and good leads for your salespeople, and where the salespeople know everything about their leads before contacting them. It can almost only affect sales in one direction: up.

Unfortunately, the two departments use different systems that have limited or no data sharing. Therefore, marketing cannot see the impact of their leads and sales cannot find their leads’ interactions with the marketing material.

It may have worked fine so far, but what if it could be better? What if marketing and sales worked in the same system, so marketing knew the impact of their leads and sales could find all the information about a lead’s interactions with marketing? That system exists and is called HubSpot CRM.

Now you are probably thinking: “that was a sales pitch of all time.” I have not experienced such good speech since I was last out to buy a car”. And I have to agree with you there. It almost sounds too good to be true. So instead, let me give you 8 good reasons, where HubSpot CRM helps your business (and, to a large extent, your salespeople).

The Best 8 good reasons to choose HubSpot CRM

  • Database
  • Time line
  • Email
  • Tasks
  • Call
  • Deals
  • Conversations
  • Ads and marketing email

1.Integrated contact database

HubSpot CRM is about making everyday tasks easier and faster to handle in an intuitive way. The system saves all contact points, so you no longer have to spend time and effort logging the times correctly. All data about your contacts and customers is stored in 3 different databases, so in HubSpot you can choose between viewing contacts, companies or deals.

Many other systems are manually built or are a data silo, isolated from the rest of your company’s systems. Your salespeople must collect, categorize and manage all their leads manually. If you work in separate CRM systems, such as Dynamics CRM, you must build complicated integrations with your marketing automation systems in order to efficiently move the data. And there will always be mistakes that require maintenance.

Fortunately, HubSpot’s CRM databases are linked together, so if you want to add a contact to a company or deal, you are only a few clicks away. With constantly updated contact points, duplicate contacts and time-consuming updating of information are a thing of the past.

Like other CRMs, it is possible to tailor the contact page to show what you need. Unlike other systems, HubSpot is built for quick change, so it only takes a few clicks to customize what you see. If a new salesperson joins the team, you can also make the settings standard across accounts.

Automatic acquisition of company data

Did I mention that the system automatically pulls data from your marketing so sellers don’t have to worry about this? HubSpot’s CRM system automatically integrates with a lot of online databases. This means that when you create a lead, you quickly get a lot of smart data that enriches your information about the lead – e.g. company size, revenue, location and a short description.

HubSpot CRM - kontakt-demo

Whether you have a few hundred contacts or several thousand, you probably know about looking for specific contacts based on some criteria. Due to filters, you can cut your data in HubSpot CRM without affecting your contacts.

The filters can be saved, so you can easily find exactly the data you need. To make it easier for sales teams, the filters can be saved locally for the individual salesperson or globally for the entire team.

HubSpot CRM database

Normally, such an enrichment of company data requires either access to NN Data or a separate IP lookup tool such as Leadfeeder or Leadforensics.

Integration with HubSpot’s other systems

In addition to having a CRM, HubSpot also has 3 other systems – marketing, sales and service. All 3 of these can be integrated with each other and work seamlessly with CRM. This is why Hubspot is the most powerful inbound marketing tool, as it can embrace all facets of marketing, sales and service. This means that your sales and marketing work can work hand in hand and the departments can communicate together and follow developments.

What does this mean in practice? This means that if a lead visits a landing page or opens a marketing email, you can follow this through Hubspot. You don’t have to look around in Google Analytics, AWeber, Leadfeeder or a 4th system. Everything is gathered in one place and the sales department can easily pick up on the efforts of the marketing department. In short, this will:

  • Stop you from having to use many systems to gather data about the lead
  • Ensure that you get an overview of the lead’s customer journey and interests
  • Save time.

2.Activity feed in a timeline

With different buying processes, your leads have many different touch points with your business. A contact’s timeline is your opportunity to see exactly which contact points the person has had with your company.

You can filter the contact points by category, so that your salespeople, for example, can easily find exactly the marketing material that the person has interacted with before making contact. It will dress your salespeople better for the interview. If you have to pick up an old lead, it also provides a good opportunity to understand what “went wrong” in the last contact.

HubSpot Timeline

It’s not just chefs who have an activity feed. Companies and Deals/Opportunities also have an overview of which actions have been carried out in connection with a company or deal. It all helps you keep an overview of the sales process and it helps your salespeople see your leads’ interests.

Bonus: Your CRM is always up to date. You don’t have to be afraid that you don’t have the latest data. Hubspot’s CRM automatically updates and collects new information every 10 minutes. Therefore, you can be sure that you have the latest and most accurate information at hand when you need to contact your lead.

3.Automatic tracking of your marketing emails and sales emails

How about automatic tracking and notifications on both your marketing emails and sales emails? Or perhaps integration with popular email programs such as Gmail, Outlook and Apple mail, so that emails you send from these programs are logged in your CRM, where others also have access to the conversation?

This is exactly one of the things that makes HubSpot so great. From now on, you will know exactly how often your contacts have looked at your emails.

It will also be easier to write emails to your contacts with HubSpot’s email templates. Here you can build templates that you can share with your sales organization.

Now your salespeople can quickly send follow-up emails and introductory emails. The personalization in HubSpot means that you can pull data from the CRM system when you write your email.

The email is adapted to the specific person you are writing to. It even draws the first name and company. You avoid having countless documents lying around with templates that are forgotten by your salespeople, and can set up a highly personal email in a short time.

If only a specific part of the text in a template needs to be changed, you can use snippets instead of having countless different versions of the same template. With snippets, you can save specific wording so that you can change your text simply by using a #.

4.Create Tasks for your salespeople

Tasks are your opportunity to give reminders to yourself or other users. This can be done both manually or automatically via workflows. Automatically set a task for your salespeople when new leads ask to be contacted or a demo of your product on your website.

In HubSpot’s tasks, you have the option of creating queues for your various tasks so that things don’t get mixed up. By working in task queues, it is possible for your salespeople to keep an overview and get through your hot leads faster.


Should you e.g. call out to 8 new leads, you can have a queue named “new leads” with the task type “call”. By starting the queue, you can go directly from one contact to the next. Should you do the same from your database, it will require you to click on each individual lead.

Tasks can be created from several different places, so you can always set up a new follow-up task after you’ve just finished the initial call.

By using tasks in HubSpot CRM, you as a sales manager can also more easily ensure a structure where all leads are followed up in the same way, every time. In addition, you can more easily report on what your sales department is doing and working on.

5.Phone calls directly through your HubSpot CRM (incl. recording)

You can connect your phone to HubSpot. This means you can call directly from the system, and have the option to record the call or take notes along the way, which you can share with the rest of your team through HubSpot’s CRM.

The notes are saved to the individual contact you called and can always be found in the timeline by you or your colleagues. So if you have an important lead that needs to be followed up on, and the responsible salesperson is on holiday, it will be easy for the person who takes over to familiarize himself with the matter.

HubSpot Phone call
HubSpot Phone call

It is possible to use snippets in your call log, and after the call ends, you can send tasks to the relevant people within the company.

You can also use the calls to train new sales staff or sales can share them with the marketing department, who can get new inspiration for marketing campaigns and gain better insight into the target group.

6.Deals and opportunities overview

There must be an overview of all deals so that no one is lost. You can get that with the deal dashboard in HubSpot. Here you can see which deals you have, how much they are worth, how far they have come and who is included in the individual deal. Then if you want to know the parties in a certain deal, you can open it and see all the data you have about contacts and companies.

Deals are also easy to move further in your sales funnel. So when you’ve just finished your call and sent a follow-up, it doesn’t take more than pulling the particular deal to move it further in the system.

Deals can of course be tailored so that the deal stages suit your sales processes. It is also possible to filter deals if you start getting so many that it can be difficult to keep an overview.

HubSpot deals demo

7.Chatbots on your website – Conversations directly linked to your CRM

If you choose to use HubSpot’s CRM, you get more opportunities to interact with your potential customers. Under “Conversations” you get access to a free chatbot for your website, so you can chat directly with visitors to your website. It can be essential for answering questions that arise in the customer’s buying journey and is a source of good warm leads and for dialogue with your leads.

HubSpot Chatbot

If you have a Facebook page with messenger, you can also connect it to your CRM so that you can chat with visitors directly from HubSpot.

It is possible to link certain people internally from your company to your conversations, so you ensure that your leads and customers get the right answer or that they write with the same person whose relationships are important in your sales.

8.Social media advertising and marketing automation

Although HubSpot has larger marketing packages you can buy into, your marketing team is still provided with some great tools through the free CRM. You can connect your ads to HubSpot, so you can pause them and see the activity on them from HubSpot.

Create segments that you can use in your paid advertising

Create lists of users based on your own definitions and link them to your paid advertising. You can create highly targeted lists from your CRM, which you automatically connect with your Facebook and Linkedin advertising. This means that you can create very specific marketing campaigns for e.g.:

  • Existing customers – Upsell or informative campaigns
  • Warm leads – Give a discount or bottom funnel offer to your hottest leads
  • Cold leads – Give a better impression of your company and share your knowledge with your leads who still need to warm up more
  • Lead generation – Use the company data from point 1. to target previous visitors companies of interest and offer them content offers

Integrate your HubSpot CRM database with your email marketing

It is often a challenge to get your CRM to talk to separate email marketing systems such as Active Campaign and Omnisend. With HubSpot it is possible to build and send newsletters directly from HubSpot’s marketing hub and send to your CRM contact database. You get access to a flexible drag-n-drop mail structure that makes it easy to build newsletters and email automations.

In HubSpot, you also have the option to work with lists in general, where you have almost completely free rein to define these lists. It can be based on actions or interests on your website, which you have access to in the Email marketing.

How about activating marketing emails to your leads who visit your price page or contact page?

Again, one unified solution is better than an integrated solution, as sharing contact data with email marketing tools is a cumbersome and complex task. What would you like to bring over from the contact page, which measurement points would I like to measure on the contact and what should activate my email marketing? It’s all something you have to have ultra control of if you use a separate CRM system and Email marketing system.

Try HubSpot CRM today

We think there are good reasons to choose HubSpot as your CRM, and if you’ve come all the way down here, I’m guessing you share our excitement.

Fortunately for you, HubSpot CRM is free, so all the above benefits can be obtained without the huge investment. You can take a look at HubSpot yourself here.

Affiliate Disclaimer: “This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission (by doing so, you support this blog).Cheers.”

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