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HubSpot offers a full palette of tools to help you gather and optimize your marketing, sales and service activities. It is a comprehensive inbound marketing and automation platform. With HubSpot Service Hub, you can focus on providing better customer service with tools built to help manage, analyze and understand your customers.

HubSpot Service Hub helps you deliver a great experience to your customers. You get tools, functions and integrations that enable you to solve your customers’ problems and questions better and faster to ensure success that creates positive word-of-mouth publicity.

Good customer service means a lot. For the customers and for you. 60% of customers have stopped shopping with a brand because of a bad customer service experience. That’s not even saying that much. It is therefore important to hold on to the customers you have. If customers have a bad experience with you, they can quickly slip their way again – and make sure that potential customers do not do business with you.

You love your customers and appreciate that they bother doing business with you, but the problem is that the way you interact with them may not always be optimal. You no longer have to sit back and wait for customer problems and questions to arise. Definitely, you need to change your approach and be proactive. Get your customers ahead of the curve and help them before problems arise.

HubSpot Service Hub gives you the software and tools to provide the best customer service your customers deserve.

HubSpot empowers your business

Well, HubSpot offers an entire platform of Marketing, Sales and Service and a CRM software to help companies run inbound marketing. You get an ecosystem of software, tools, support and much more that helps you optimize, automate and grow your business.

All departments (Marketing, Sales and Service) work on the same platform, and it becomes easier for employees to follow each other’s activities. It creates better synergy, handover and consistency between employees internally and across departments. And in the end, you create a better experience for customers.

HubSpot’s many tools allow you to tailor solutions that suit the individual visitor or customer. You get tools for e.g. social media marketing, content management, NPS measurements, web analysis and SEO.

Get an overview of HubSpot and an introduction to the inbound marketing, sales and service platform.

The tools in HubSpot reflect their love and trust in data. After all, HubSpot loves data. They love to collect data, analyze and transform data to be able to optimize work processes. Data therefore also forms the basis for how the various ‘Hubs’ are structured and how it helps you.

You get e.g. dashboards where you can see and measure your performance, you get suggestions for the best times to send emails, and you can see open rates and click-though rates in your email campaigns.

HubSpot’s software consists of:

  • HubSpot CRM
  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub Tools

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What is the HubSpot Service Hub?

Why is it necessary to have software intended for service, you may ask. Isn’t it enough to be polite and respond quickly? Yes, in part. But right now we are seeing a change in customer behavior – which affects how we have to rethink marketing, sales and of course also service.

Customers today are less patient, more skeptical and have higher expectations. Retaining your customers can be a big challenge. The secret is that happy customers lead to growth. Happy and satisfied customers buy more and more often, remain customers for longer, and most importantly, they recommend you to their friends and family. Add to that that it is cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones.

HubSpot Service Hub gives you and your service team the tools to strengthen the relationship with customers. All your tools are gathered in one place, on the same platform that is available to the rest of the company.

You get tools to automate and optimize your usual work processes, so you can create consistent communication and interact quickly, in a personal way. HubSpot’s platform therefore helps you satisfy and retain your customers.

The 3 HubSpot Service Hub packages

HubSpot Service Hub is one of the newest parts of HubSpot’s platform, but nevertheless it is a vital package if you want to retain and nurture your customers.

In the next section, you can read much more about what each of the 3 different packages contains.

HubSpot Service Hub has three different solutions:

  • Service Hub Starter – for smaller teams that want to have gathered their service activities in one place and want to start working with the inbound approach
  • Service Hub Pro – for more experienced service teams working intensively to increase the level of customer service. This is the most used solution.
  • Service Hub Enterprise – a complete suite of service tools for the large and/or multinational service team

It must be said that the more expensive a solution from HubSpot you choose, the more functionalities are opened up. It can be difficult to see what exactly you need. That is why we are happy to offer a free review and possibly demo, so you can find out what you need.

If you choose to invest in HubSpot Service Hub, you will naturally get HubSpot CRM on top of that. Whatever you choose Starter, Pro or Enterprise. You can thus follow your contacts’ activities, agreements, tasks and inquiries. This is, among other things, helping to make HubSpot the CRM of choice for several SMEs.

If you already use another CRM system, such as Salesforce, HubSpot fully supports this integration. But you need Pro or Enterprise for HubSpot to integrate your other CRM systems. Read more about the benefits you get from switching to HubSpot CRM.

Of course, HubSpot Service works with Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and the many other HubSpot Connect integrations, so you can easily add extra tools when it makes sense for you and your business.

HubSpot Service Hub Starter: Create great customer experiences

HubSpot Service Hub is a service package that helps your service team build a basic help desk. You get all the basic tools you need to optimize, automate and organize your service.

Service Hub is built on HubSpot’s free CRM, so you get all the benefits from there plus the parts of service that are unlocked with the starter package. When you use Service Hub Starter, you must remember that you do not get the full package of service tools, but only the basic service tools.

If you find out along the way that you lack access to functions or want integrations or more users, you can always upgrade to Pro or Enterprise, which can probably cover your needs and meet your wishes.

Like the other HubSpot Starter packages, Service Hub Starter is not a drastic upgrade from the free services. But for smaller companies, Starter can be a good way to start using a customer service platform and become familiar with the inbound approach.


Collect customer inquiries as ‘tickets’ that can be assigned to team members, organized and prioritized and tracked in a central location. They can be created both from email enquiries, contact forms, chat bots etc. This allows you to collect support inquiries from many places, but to your conversations inbox.

Conversations inbox

Organize and keep track of customer questions. You get live chat and emails in the same inbox, which is accessible to your whole team. Then you can better manage 1:1 customer communication.

HubSpot Conversations inbox

Live chat

Chat directly with customers through this important feature that you can place directly on your website. Give them answers immediately and build a closer relationship with fast, personal service.

HubSpot Live Chat

Conversational and Custom bots

Service Hub Starter allows you to create tickets and send visitors to the page, article or service assistant who can help them with the specific problem they are facing.

Custom bots can be used to answer questions, send helpful articles and help visitors quickly.

Conversational and Custom bots


Reporting dashboards

See data on your ticket success rates, solutions & response time, database usage and customer feedback. It allows you to see how things are going and which efforts you need to improve.

With Service Hub Starter you get standard customer service reports incl. productivity report on 1 dashboard. Here you can also see the productivity of the individual ‘rep’, and see how long customers wait for answers to their questions.

Reporting dashboards

Email tracking, notifications and schedule

Track your sent 1-to-1 emails. You get notifications in real time when your recipients open or click on your emails. You can also schedule your 1-to-1 e-mails and send them out at the best time in the e-mail schedule.

Email tracking, notifications and schedule

Email templates and Snippets

You can save and reuse the best emails sent out. Share them with the rest of your team to create consistent communication.

With Service Hub Starter, you have the option to save up to 1,000 templates and snippets. In a bank, you can save ‘frequently asked questions’ from customers with corresponding answers. That way, you and your team members can easily look up answers when you’re asked a question.


Documents and Meetings

Build a secure library for your files to share with clients. Gain insight into where and when they are most engaged. With Service Hub Starter, you get extended options for saving documents, and you can save up to 1,000 documents per account.

You also get better options with meeting links, where you can create up to 1,000 personal and team links. Share a link with the client so they can see when you’re available so they can book a meeting with you right away.

You can remove HubSpot’s branding on your links, you can embed links directly on your website and you get better opportunities to tailor your links.

Documents and Meetings


You can call your contacts via VOIP, directly from HubSpot. It allows you to log information from the call directly to the contact, for future reference. Service Hub Starter gives you 8 hours of calls per user per month

Call with HubSpot

Start calling with HubSpot

Messenger integration

Automatically capture contact information, create a two-way communication with your audience and report on chat volume through Facebook Messenger.

Ticket pipelines

Divide tickets into different pipelines, e.g. region, brands, development or teams. It allows you to better handle each pipeline that fits your business processes.

The above functions are just some of the few that you get with Service Starter. You also get this with:

  • Team email
  • Conversation routing
  • Tickets closed reports
  • Rep productivity reports
  • Time-to-close reports
  • Goals
  • Custom properties
  • Multiple currencies
  • Calling SDK

Let HubSpot Marketing Hub help you plan, organize content such as emails, blogs and landing pages.

HubSpot Service Hub Professional: Help your customers

In HubSpot Service Hub Pro (Professional) you get access to all the tools that Starter Hub offers.

Some of the tools and functions from Starter are being upgraded, so that you, for example, have the option of getting 1 additional tailored reporting dashboard instead of only having the option of 1 productivity report.

Conversations are expanded up to 100 inboxes and get live 1-to-1 communication. Chat bots are upgraded and it becomes possible to chat live, and your chat bots can help with support.

In short, Service Hub Pro gives you all the basic tools in an upgraded package, and then you get many more dynamic features that make all the difference when you put together the ideal experience for your customers.

If you’re looking for all the tools you need to revolutionize your customer experience and turn customers into ambassadors, Service Hub Pro is what you’re looking for.

Not only does it come with premium versions of all free and Starter kit tools, but as you’ll see, Service Hub Pro also comes with an extensive list of new features that can dramatically change the way you interact with your customers on.

Read on to see what new key features you get in Service Pro.

Email sequences

Set up task reminders or personalize emails that are automatically sent to customers at exactly the right time. Thereby you reduce the manual work and get more time to help your customers.

Custom reporting and Phone Support

With Service Pro, you have the option of creating up to 20 customized reports on service activities, so you can make well-reasoned choices based on data.

Get through directly to the HubSpot support teams and get help quickly, so you can focus on giving your customers the best service and creating growth in the company.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Get a feel for your customer satisfaction and send out surveys to gather feedback that can be used to build a better customer experience.

Customer loyalty

Bots and Customer service automation

Drop the manual work and spend time on more important tasks. Automate common administration tasks such as to create support tasks, notifications to your team when customers take certain actions.

You can create up to 300 workflows with Service Hub Pro.

Bots and Customer service automation

Knowledge base

Turn your customers’ frequently asked support questions into a complete, optimized knowledge base of help articles and documentation that can be indexed by search engines. This is also known as an FAQ, and is extremely smart as you can actually avoid most support inquiries.

HubSpot Knowledge base

Video Hosting and Management

Upload and manage your videos directly in HubSpot. You can then add them to your website and social media. Add CTAs and forms inside the videos and track their activity. It is obvious to explain frequently asked questions with video.

HubSpot Video Hosting and Management

1:1 video creation

You can create videos and share them with your contacts, directly from HubSpot. It lets you automatically track the performance of videos so you can improve. A smart way to visually guide your user when receiving support inquiries.

1:1 video creation

Integration with Salesforce and Slack

Synchronize and update Salesforce and HubSpot data, with up to 1,000 field mappings per object and up to 10,000 Salesforce owners. You can integrate with 1 Salesforce account.

With Service Hub Pro, you can also create tasks, receive notifications and view and share contacts directly in Slack.

Ticket status, Ticket routing and Task automation

Service Hub Pro gives you the opportunity to largely automate manual work such as to add tasks, what stage your ticket is in and automatically keep users updated.

Create lists of contacts to follow up on survey responses. Get more space to solve problems for customers than spend time organizing small things so that you can visitors to customers.

This is the main element of Service Pro, and you can advantageously create automated emails that are sent out when your supporter moves a “ticket” from received to being processed. In this way, your customer always knows what the status is.

HubSpot Service Hub Ticket status, Ticket routing and Task automation

Standard contact scoring and Calculated properties

Set up rule-based scoring criteria. Use scoring to segment lists and initiate automation. With Service Hub Pro, you have access to set up 1 scoring table.

You can also set up up to 5 user-defined formulas to keep track of your continuously expanding database.

HubSpot Standard contact scoring and Calculated properties

Sequence queues

Makes it easier to put your contacts on sequences. Thereby you cut the time away from the manual start-up.

HubSpot Sequence queues

NPS surveys

Use simple surveys to investigate your customers’ propensity to recommend you to others. Understand their feedback and thoughts so you can optimize and convert current customers into loyal promoters who help grow your business. Send out automated emails based on your score, so you can prioritize the inquiries that need your help the most!

Customer experience surveys and Customer support surveys

Through simple surveys, you collect your customers’ experiences with your customer service and their experiences with a specific product / service.

You can then use the feedback to improve your customer service and keep customers coming back.

Customer experience surveys and Customer support surveys

Insights dashboard

Collect all your customer feedback in a single dashboard so you can more easily see, track and improve the customer experience.

In the HubSpot Service Hub, you also get these functions with:

  • Record customization
  • Teams
  • Calculated properties

Sales Hub creates structure in the sales work so that you can focus on the customers.

HubSpot Service Hub Enterprise: Engage, Guide and Grow

For larger companies, enterprises and marketing departments, HubSpot Service Hub Enterprise is the all-in-one package that helps you turn all the stones.

While the annual bill may seem daunting, the Service Hub Enterprise package is an investment that will equip you with everything you need for a long time to come.

Service Hub Enterprise not only extends all the features of the Professional suite, but also takes it a step further by adding new tools and features. These can make all the difference as you continue to put together the most positive customer experience possible.

In the software, you get access to all functions and integrations that Service Pro (and Starter) offers. In addition, of course, you also get a number of completely new and special tools that you and your service team can play with.

Find out more about functions and tools in Service Hub Enterprise below.

Call transcription

Have HubSpot record and transcribe them. Focus on the customer and give them the attention and help they need. Making calls with customers has never been easier, as you no longer have to write notes along the way or remember what the customer asked afterwards. *Note that it is not offered in all languages.

HubSpot Call transcript

Hierarchical teams

Organize your users at different levels, based on group, region, business unit, brand and many other dimensions.

HubSpot Hierarchical teams


Build a library of your most effective service resources and ‘best practices’ that you can share with your team. With Service Hub Enterprise, you have the option of storing up to 1,000 playbooks. A super practical tool that increases your service efficiency and makes it easy to share knowledge internally.

HubSpot Playbooks

Single sign-on

Make it easier for your users to log in, while strengthening security and control over who has access.

In Service Hub Enterprise, users are given the option to log in with ‘single sign-on credentials’.

HubSpot Single sign-on

User roles and events API

Now you can give your users the right permissions to your account to get different levels of functionality.

With Service Hub Enterprise, you can also extract detailed marketing data from your HubSpot, so that it can be analyzed with the KPIs that are relevant to your business.

HubSpot User roles and events API


Actually with Service Hub Enterprise, you can use ‘webhooks’ to send information from HubSpot to other web applications that your team uses. A necessity if you need to build a bridge between HubSpot and other systems.

HubSpot Webhooks

Remember that the tools, functions and integrations we describe in the blog post are only some of the many tools you get in the various Service Hub packages. We have highlighted some of the tools that we think make Service Hub absolutely fantastic for customer care and improving customer service.

Which Service Hub package suits you?

It is becoming more and more challenging to get leads. You must write exciting blogs, have a strong website and a good plan for sales. But it can counteract the effect of your good content, your detailed strategies and the fast-talking salespeople if you can’t service your leads and customers quickly, in a good way?

HubSpot Service Hub is for you who want to take your customer service to a new level. It is for you who have decided to spend even more time on your customers.

The happier your customers are, the more they want to do business with you. And the longer a customer does business with you, the more likely they are to become an ambassador for your brand and send their network your way. And that’s why the HubSpot Service Hub is an important part of your business strategy.

Therefore, with the tools that Service Hub equips you with, you will not only be able to put together a frictionless customer experience, but you will also help customers learn to help themselves.

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