Irresistible sales page – How to write it?

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After discussing how to make a blog, I consider sales page to be the next essential topic to discuss. A sales page can be one of the best friends of your marketing campaigns. That kind of thing, which, like the site, works for you 24 hours a day.

The landing page is today the modern sales page. And it is extremely effective, if used to its full potential. Curious to know how?

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Tips for writing an effective sales page:

Design a captivating headline

I know, writing great text for your sales page will take some time and effort. The downside is that no matter how great it is, not everyone will go through it in its entirety. Usually, people do not read a text meticulously (especially for sale), but scan it, fragment it, read diagonally or skipped.

However, if you have a strong brand, you are already scoring a level of trust. Therefore, I recommend you to read about how you can create a strong personal brand online.

But let’s get back to ours. I was saying that your text will not always be read in its entirety. This does not mean that you allow yourself to be careless with your sales page, but that you must pay special attention to those elements of the text on which the reader’s eyes will immediately stop. These are:

  • The title
  • Sections
  • The pictures
  • CTA buttons

In any case, the most important text on your sales page is the 10 words in the title.

Here’s a little help: useful content creation tools for your site or blog.

Then, there are a few more details to consider to ensure your success:

  • The title should be large, clear and convincing
  • Subtitles highlight the benefits
  • Large images to illustrate the benefits of the product and explain your message
  • A convincing and, why not, creative text for CTA buttons
  • The text should be fragmented into paragraphs and begin with large written subtitles
  • Bullets to highlight the benefits of the product
  • Short paragraphs – anything exceeding 5 lines is already difficult to read.

Highlight the benefits

At the risk of being sad, the truth is that your audience doesn’t really care about the products or services you sell, even if you packed them so nicely for them. Consumers only care about themselves and, above all, they care about what they gain from a product or service.

The explanation lies in the fact that today, the consumer has a lot of information available about existing products and services on the market. As a rule, he knows very well what he needs and what are the characteristics of what he needs.

So don’t try to sell them products or services, sell them profits!

In other words, when you write a sales page, it highlights what the consumer has to gain from the products/services, rather than the latter.

Don’t forget how important the real need of the user is. He accesses your page to make a purchase – he has a clear need; if you fail to provide the solution, the conversion is not performed. Therefore, it is essential to identify the buying intentions of the target audience.

Use testimonials

Exact! But not from those created “in the laboratory”, but real testimonials from real customers. Honesty is a quality that gives weight not only to people, but also to brands.

On a sales page, testimonials even help generate conversions and sometimes do it better than any beautiful, substantial text. Why? Because the success of a marketing text depends largely on the author’s credibility, and your customers are a heavier and more credible source than you.

Simplicity is the key

When you need to write a sales page, you need to write a sales letter, not an essay or a novel. So you don’t need Shakespeare’s talent and metaphors for that. Everything must be clean, airy, simple. Your only goal is not to win the Nobel Prize for literature, is it? Your goal is to sell, and simplicity sells.

Beware of clichés! Simplicity does not mean replacing creativity with those words so used that they have become commonplace: “integrated solutions”, “flexible platform”, “unique opportunity”, “leader in the field”, etc. Simplicity means being creative with the following in mind:

  • A simple sentence structure
  • Short statements
  • Short words
  • Clarity – describes everything in simple words

It is also important to include or integrate keywords in the newly created text. Let’s not forget how Google indexes web pages, or in short the content SEO rules. Relax; simplicity is also the key to success from this point of view. I explained more about how to optimize the texts on the site in a separate article that you can always read in silence.

Personal approach

There is nothing more dull when reading a sales page than impersonal expression. How to gain someone’s attention, time and money when you address him like a robot, with platitudes and coldness? Your sales text should sound human, friendly, warm.

How do you do that?

  • Write as you speak
  • Use the first person singular
  • Use common words, not those that need Dex
  • Uses interjections and expressions that usually find their place in face-to-face conversations: “Really”, “Super”, “It’s great”, “Wait a minute”, “I think…”
  • Add a little humor (if your niche allows)
  • Detach yourself a little – don’t think you have to make a sales page, but rather have a conversation with a friend and tell them about your products and services.

The power of numbers in your sales page

The more specific you are in your texts, the more convincing you are, and the numbers help you to be very specific.

Anyone can use general statements, but not everyone can give exact figures. So, you do it! Instead of saying “dozens of satisfied customers,” it says “80 satisfied customers.”

Of course, it provides real data. Includes, where possible, studies in the form of graphs or infographics. Don’t forget to leave the source from which you took the data and include only those that are relevant to the products or services you want to promote. Remember – everything should be for profit and not for sale.

Urges action

It may sound strange, but after reading about your products and services, people need to be told what to do next. If you don’t tell them, don’t expect conversions. So write prompts for action: “Add to cart”, “Request a quote”, “Buy now”, “Test”, “Schedule”.

These call to action fields must be clear and concise. In addition, they must be well demarcated from the rest of the content in order to be visible, but not in an annoying way.

Test your sales page

The success of a sales page is due not only to convincing text, but also to testing. This is the only way you can see what you can improve to increase your conversion rate.

A/B type tests can be done both for elements related to the text and the structure of the sales page, images and design. However, the most important and impactful tests are those that consider the text. Therefore, to be tested mainly:

  • The title
  • sections
  • Urges to Action (CTA)
  • List of benefits

If we are to summarize what a sales page should contain, these elements concern

  1. USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – it basically sums up those characteristics that define you and differentiate you in the market and will be found in:
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • In the statement that comes to strengthen the benefits
  • In the final argument

2. Visual – which can be image, video or both at the same time
3. Public confirmation – highlighted by testimonials
4. CTA – calls to action


All in all, a converting sales page is based on compelling text.

It all depends on what words you choose to use. Fortunately, it’s not a secret or a philosophy, anyone can learn the skills to write a good sales text. So practice, practice, practice!

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