Ranking of platforms for creating a free website 2022

How do I create a website? Ranking of platforms for creating the web page – scoring rules, best site creation programs. Compare the programs and choose the option that suits you best.

The final result5 start WebWave4 stars Wix3 stars Webnode3 stars 2 stars
Ease of use5/54/55/55/55/5

Ranking of platforms for creating the web page – scoring rules

User Experience – the ease of use of the platform for creating websites by users

It is a subjective appreciation of the ease with which a website is created/managed within that platform. We believe that creating a site should not be a difficult task, even for inexperienced users.

The main idea of ​​website builder platforms is to create easy websites, whether they are simple or advanced. The appreciation of the simplicity of using a platform results from the intuitiveness of the interface and its optimization, for a comfortable thing or in other words a productive thing.

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Platform features and capabilities (or what websites you can create without IT knowledge)

Here we appreciated the number of useful functions within each platform. We have paid more attention to utility than to the number of functions. We believe that an excessive number of options can negatively affect the ease of use of the platform.

Also in assessing this parameter, we took into account the ease of use of these functions (interface, mode of operation, and the ability to later edit the settings/site). The important thing is to have numerous of functions that can be easily used to create sites.

SEO optimization of created websites

At this point, I appreciated the possibility to optimize the site for search engine requirements: if the platform provides access to edit the meta-title and meta-description, the ALT tag for images. I also paid attention to the structure of the code, its loading speed, access to the HEAD section, and other functions whose influence on SEO performance has been recognized by experienced SEO specialists.

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The free plan of the platform for creating websites

The most important criterion for assessing this function is the number of limitations and functions inaccessible within the Free plan compared to the Premium plan (s). The platform gets more points when the number of these limitations is lower. This parameter is important because it offers the opportunity to test the platform and its functions for free. In the free version of the platform.

It is very good when the free plan offers all the possibilities to launch a functional, SEO-optimized site. In this way, the user pays only for the period of operation of the site, not for the period of creation/preparation of the site.

Ranking of platforms For Creating A Free Website 2022

Accessible templates for creating websites

In assessing the templates, we took into account a number of issues: the number of templates, whether they are free or not, and the diversity (the colors and images used are not the only parameters that must differentiate the templates).

We also considered the quality of the templates: the clarity, the extent to which these templates are optimized for mobile devices (superb templates do not damage the way they look on mobile devices when performing simple editing actions, such as image replacement of original with another image with other dimensions).

Technical support (chat help, email, and tutorials)

Here we analyze the response speed and the number of accessible channels. We also pay special attention to the professional competence of the technical support staff and their knowledge.

Pricing policy (how much does it cost to launch, and maintain a website)

Within this parameter, we analyzed the prices of the premium plans and the functions accessible within these premium plans.

It is important to note that in most cases’ website builder platforms offer several premium plans, which provide access to various features depending on the fee paid. Respectively, the score is a derivative of the price that the user must pay in order to gain access to those features.

Website optimization for mobile devices

We separated this parameter because most of today’s traffic comes from mobile devices. This really means that the way the site looks on mobile is more important than the way it looks on the desktop.

In this ranking, we also complied with Google’s recommendations, treating Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology for optimizing sites for mobile devices as superior to simply creating a mobile version of the site.

The opportunity to make money

Some site builder platforms offer affiliate programs with which you can earn money from the recommendation of the platform. Some platforms also offer features that make it easier to create custom sites.


Creating/managing a website can be a simple task, but sometimes the requirements are so great that you need a whole team to accomplish this task: web designer, SEO specialist, content manager, and so on. Respectively, it is very good to have the possibility to edit a site with the help of several accounts.

Free own domain

In other words, this parameter means whether a site can be published online or not. By receiving a free address, you can send the link to anyone’s site and test the design, content, and UX of the site. Also, very important is the ability to personally check the published site: the operation of the site, the loading speed, the way it looks on different devices, and much more.

White Label

An extremely convenient feature, especially for marketing agencies, which create custom sites. With this feature, the agency’s client can edit the site (for example, the client can publish articles, and offer information), without knowing which platform they are working on. If the client sees the agency logo and not the platform logo, the agency thus obtains an additional channel to promote its services.

The final result

The end result is the sum of the points accumulated by each platform for creating website builder sites for each parameter. If the parameter is a characteristic, it is rated with points from 1 to 5. If a certain parameter is a function, the accessibility of this function is indicated by the symbol “✓” and is equal to one point.

Platforms for creating website builder sites

The website builder platform is a whole category of platforms for creating websites that do not require IT knowledge. The creation of the site takes place by drag-and-drop actions, so it is not necessary to write the site code directly or configure the servers to launch the site. Thanks to these types of platforms, the creation of the site have become simple and accessible for everyone.

There are many options on the market, from very simple platforms where you can create sites very quickly. These platforms are created for users who want to create a site as soon as possible. But, there are also more advanced platforms that offer the possibility to create professional websites. This type of platform can even be used by web design agencies to create custom sites.

We created this ranking to simplify the choice of the right platform, depending on the requirements of the project and the purposes of creating the site. In the ranking, we have added reviews that describe each platform in detail. Everyone will find the right platform.

Creating a website can seem complicated, especially when you don’t know what the requirements are for a website. The website itself is perceived as an advanced technology project. That’s what the situation was like a few years ago. The website could be created exclusively by people with advanced technical knowledge and skills.

But now the situation has changed.

More exactly:

  • Technology has developed. For example, the speed of the Internet connection has increased, and the processing power of computers has increased.
  • The requirements for the created sites have increased. They don’t just have to “exist.” Content must be arranged in a way that is comfortable for users. The brand image promoted by the design of the site in the online environment has become very important.

All this has led to the emergence of a lot of platforms for creating sites. As a result, the creation of sites by users without programming knowledge has become more accessible than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a website builder platform?

A platform that allows the creation of sites and does not require programming knowledge. Creating/editing/managing sites is very simple on this kind of platform. It’s about replacing the image, and text, and adding additional elements and sections with drag-and-drop actions.

Are there any website builder platforms without ads?

Ads are usually displayed on sites published under the free option. However, there are platforms that do not display ads on sites published under this option either. It is important to answer the question of whether the lack of advertising on the site in the free version is an important feature when choosing a website builder platform.

Can I download the site creation platform to my computer?

In some cases, yes – you can download the program to your computer and create the site even if you do not have internet access. But most platforms, especially advanced ones, are only accessible online through browsers.

Can I connect the site created in a website builder platform to a domain?

Yes, this is possible. In most cases, the domain can be purchased directly within the platform. Website builder platforms often offer the option to redirect the domain to the site through DNS settings.

Which is the simplest platform for creating websites?

This question has no definite answer. Much depends on the habits of the users and the requirements for the design of the website. Website builder platforms have different mechanisms for creating websites. Some offer the ability to add entire sections with limited options to edit those sections.

Other site creation platforms allow you to add items one at a time and create more laconic sites. Depending on the user experience, ease of use may be perceived differently.

But another question is: how easy is it to use the platform in the long run? It often happens, as after a period, when the author of the site decides to implement something original, difficulties arise.

Is it possible to set up a website created on a website builder platform for mobile devices?

Most of the time yes. Many platforms offer the ability to create a site that fits both smartphones and tablets. This is a very important question because more than 50% of network traffic comes from mobile devices.

What is the cheapest platform?

This is a very important and very complex question. Because in fact, the price paid must be analyzed in relation to the possibilities offered for this price. The possibilities offered by premium plans differ across different platforms. So when it comes to buying, we need to decide what we need. We recommend that you consider the following options:

  • The option to launch the site under your own domain
  • Presence of ads on the site
  • Possibility to optimize the site for mobile devices
  • Possibility to connect external modules and systems to the site
  • Access to SEO settings (Meta-title, meta-description, ….)
  • The quality of the code generated by the platform

Which of these platforms is best for you?

The answer to this question depends on 2 factors:

  • User experience working with applications, especially graphics.
  • If the user has a well-defined idea of ​​what the site should look like. If this idea is missing, it is good to choose a platform that offers a template that suits the purpose of the site.

Do website builder platforms have a proper template offering?

The platforms provide a sufficient number of templates. But when analyzing the templates of a platform, it is necessary to draw attention to 2 things:

  • If the platform templates are different from the color and images on the template. These are some basic editing options – they need to be accessible.
  • What are the customization options for templates.

Can websites created in website builder platforms be optimized for SEO?

Usually yes. But we need to pay attention to the access to the SEO settings for the plan we have chosen and the quality of the code generated. If these 2 aspects are OK then it remains to work on the SEO settings, the content of the site, the backlinks, and the size of the files published on the site. These aspects should be enough to get good SEO results.

What are some things to look for when choosing a site creation platform?

It all depends on 2 things:

  • Our experience
  • The purpose of our site.

If we need a simple site and do not have advanced skills, a simple platform is enough.

If our project has higher requirements, then it is better to choose a more advanced platform.

Is the website builder platform a good solution for me?

Such a platform offers a number of important advantages compared to situations when the site is created by an IT specialist. Direct access to site editing saves time and gives you more control over how your site looks/works.

If we compare the site with other forms of online presence (e.g. social media portals) we have again some important advantages:

  • Ability to appear in Google search results
  • From a legal point of view, the owner of the site is the owner of the content. In the case of social media networks, the network is the owner of the content.

Is it worth buying a domain with a website builder platform?

The web domain is an important and actually necessary element for launching a website. Registering a domain within a site creation platform makes connecting the site to the domain easier. It is also simply easier to manage everything (site and domain) in one place. So if the price is acceptable, it is worth registering the domain within the site creation platform.

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