Useful content creation tools for your site or blog

Content creation tools

Have you read our content marketing guide? Very well! It means you’re ready to attack.

If you have reached the stage of implementing content marketing, it means that you are probably looking for ways to streamline your work. You have written many articles, social media posts and other media channels and have not yet seen the results you expected.

Fortunately, you are not the only one in this situation. In fact, any site or blog administrator should behave like a publisher today and become a content creator. And, above all, to arm yourself patiently. How else would there be an online business?

Creating content is a normal thing these days. That’s why marketers around the world have helped create tools to make your job easier.

Anyway, before I present you some of these tools, I have to tell you one thing: whatever tool you use, you still have to have the words with you. There are content creation tools that help you generate ideas, make templates or save time when editing photos or videos, but there are no (yet, as far as I know) tools to write texts for you. Therefore, you either have to be a master of words (copywriter or content writer), or you have to work with such a specialist.

Okay, now that we’ve clarified this, let’s see what content creation tools you can use.

Tools that make your job of creating content easier

1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements

If we say Envato, I think we can already stop here with the list. 🙂 I say this because Envato Elements is a complete library that gives you access to over 1,000,000 items such as: graphic templates, video, audio, PPT presentations, e-book templates, stock photos, fonts, WordPress themes, logos. All these elements are very useful for your content marketing strategy.

Basically, that’s all the Envato platform has to offer, put together in a huge online library.

All you have to do is pay a 14.5$ monthly subscription. It is a negligible amount, considering everything you find on the platform.

Affiliate disclaimer:“This post contains affiliate links/Amazon Ads. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks.”

2. Canva

One of the easiest to use platforms with graphic templates in existence. You will definitely love Canva from the first 5 minutes after accessing your account.

The nice part is that many of the features offered by Canva are accessible for free. All you have to do is create your account and you will have many design elements that you can edit at will, without having knowledge of graphic editing: posters, brochures, social media pictures, book covers, CVs, calendars, infographics, greeting cards, invitations to events, advertising banners, etc.

There are dozens of items at a click away and it’s a shame not to use them 🙂

A similar tool, also free, but a little poorer in options than Canva, is

3. Wideo / Doodly


If, from my point of view, Canva is one of the best simple and free online graphic editing tools you can use, Wideo / Doodly, are similar, but for creating video animations.

All you have to do is create a free account and have access to a library with many animated graphics that you can use, dynamic or static. Many of them are ready-made animation templates, which you just have to adapt for your ideas.

Thus, you create your own explanatory or promotional animations, without having advanced knowledge of video editing.

4. Infogram


If you want to create infographics, case studies or graphic reports that are enjoyable for any reader, Infogram is for you. This content creation tool works on the same principle as Canva, but specializes in infographics or reports.

It has, of course, the free version that you can test.

5. Piktochart


Also from the category of tools that help you create infographics, Piktochart is an elegant solution.

6. My Ecover Maker

It has both free and paid versions (from $ 24 per month), if you want to create professional and even interactive infographics.

Create Your Own eBook Cover

I have been using this tool for several years now and I am very happy with it. It is a tool specialized in creating covers for e-books, online books or Power Point presentations.

Any cover you need, even for CDs or other online materials, My Ecover Maker helps you in minutes. Plus it has a library of over 1.5 million cover photos, from which you can choose.

7. Word to Clean HTML

Word to Clean HTML

I also included this quick and free online tool on the list, precisely because it is very useful for any content writer. If you ever need to integrate a text directly into the HTML code, then the easiest way is to enter it in the Word to Clean HTML online editor and you will get the HTML version of your text, with all the formatting respected.

Super useful, in my opinion.

8. Flexclip

Video editing will no longer be a mystery with FlexClip.


You have some very simple options: transitions, text, sound, music, images, intro, basic editing.

You just have to upload to the platform your video, photo, audio files that you want to include in a single clip and… voila! You have some basic functions for editing a video, without having advanced knowledge of video editing.


The day appeared a few years ago, I said, “Wow, thank you, Lord!”

Lead magnets sometimes give me a lot of trouble, no matter what kind they are. That we are talking about ebooks, checklists, workbooks, resource guides, video guides…. for all you need at least a professional designer to get something like a book.

But what if you need a quick material and the designer is not available? That’s what is for! This content creation tool helps you to create such materials very simply. You can even automatically import your blog posts to turn them into an ebook.

You have customizable templates, covers, different formats, which you just have to complete, manually or automatically, with your content. Try it. It makes all the money (both the free and the paid version).


Do you write on the blog? Do you frequently post content on social media? Create an account on and you will thank me later.

This is a content organization platform. Basically, it helps you find content ideas based on a topic that you introduce in the platform.

Let’s say you want to write, for example, about content marketing. Enter this general topic and click Scoop it! You will receive, as in the image below, 127,133 suggestions for articles published on this topic from 1398 users of the platform, plus another 1337 similar topics that you can discover.

In addition, you can introduce your own articles on to be discovered by other marketers who use the platform.

Research simply becomes simpler!


When you write, you have to be Zen. Let no one interrupt you, for nothing.

Therefore, this simple tool to access directly from the browser helps you to write simple text documents, without being distracted by anything, directly in the browser and save them offline in Word or Clean HTML format.

12. SlideShare

I don’t think it makes sense to go into details here. If you have a LinkedIn account, you must already have a SlideShare.

It is the most complete online platform that helps you create Power Point presentations, distribute them, find other presentations from a wide range of fields. Here I think you simply find your inspiration, whether you want to give a course, a presentation or you simply want to make a visual article on your blog.

13. Portent Content Idea Generator

I have been following the activity of the agency and the Portent blog for years and they always have something inspiring to offer. This tool has been online for some time and I am glad that it has remained on the market. It has certainly inspired many people since its inception.

It is a very simple content creation tool: you simply have to enter a topic of your choice, and it generates a series of titles based on very interesting word combinations. This way, you can create captivating titles when you are not inspired.

14. Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

I put this link here, just below Portent, because the principle is the same for this content creation tool from HubSpot.

Enter up to 5 topics of interest to your target audience and get 5 free blog article ideas. Instead, if you fill out a short form to provide your email address to HubSpot, you will receive a pdf document with another 250 article ideas. Therefore, you do not have to create an account or pay, you simply subscribe to a newsletter. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

15. PlayBuzz

Wow. I was amazed to learn that there are such content creation tools.

PlayBuzz is an example of a tool that helps you, for free, revolutionize the way you create content on your blog. There are so many ways you can send a message (text article, photo gallery, test / quiz, video, partially visible content, hidden content, blurred images, interactive content, etc.).

If you vary the types of content you create, you’ll be able to capture readers’ attention, keep them on the site longer, get their email address easier, and send them more easily to your sales pages (products, services).

And if you’re wondering how to measure what I wrote above, well, know that any content created with PlayBuzz can be monitored with the analytics tools that the platform offers you.

Did I mention it’s free? Yes, if you are a publisher or content creator, you can use PlayBuzz for free. Instead, if you’re an advertiser, you need to request a personalized quote. However, it doesn’t hurt to create an account, to see how you can integrate the wonders of this platform in your strategy.


Okay, here we are at the end. I’ll stop here with the list, although I know that in the near future, your needs for content creation tools may continue with:

  • social media tools (such as Buffer, for example);
  • podcast tools (such as Audacity);
  • webinars hosting tools (such as GoToWebinar or Zoom);
  • free stock image bookstores (such as pexels or pixabay);
  • tools for creating chat bots (Chatfuel, for example, for bots on Facebook);
  • free stock video bookstores;
  • free stock sound libraries.

The list can go on

I hope, however, that you have found at least one tool that will be useful to you from this list. If so, I declare myself happy.

If you have other recommendations for content creation tools that we can use, leave us a comment so that we have, on this page, a complete list. In case you need to expand the list with other tool recommendations, leave us a comment below and I will test them, then I will write about them in future articles on our blog.

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