Useful tips for writing attractive titles for your articles

writing attractive titles

From time immemorial, writing has been a way of communicating. It is the means by which we express our ideas, thoughts, intentions, and everything we feel and without which it would be impossible for us to carry out our daily activities. Therefore, we invite you to discover some tips for writing attractive titles for your articles, for your blog.

Nowadays, and especially in today’s digital environment, the way we write must attract new potential customers and, why not, retain existing ones. Regardless of the field in which you work, words are the ones that speak on your behalf.

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Click trigger – headlines

Indeed, titles play a catalytic role. It is the first thing a person sees when they find an article, receive a newsletter, or receive an advertisement on Facebook. Of course, depending on how much the title attracts him, the person decides whether to click to read the entire content or not.

If you’re wondering why in most cases the title makes a difference in numerical reports, the answer is simple. The fast pace of today makes people more selective about the time they spend even reading an article.

Therefore, if that person is fascinated by the expectation promised in the title, then he will certainly give a few moments to read the article.

Tips for writing attractive titles

Before we continue, we must mention that the magic formula does not exist. Consequently, you will discover basic principles that you can apply to create attractive titles, suggestions for writing but also examples.

#1 How to (promise) in (time period)

For example: How to learn online marketing in 11 days.

The above title makes a promise to the reader that he will learn notions in a certain field in a certain period of time, i.e 11 days.

Set from the beginning the expectations regarding the benefit it will have and the limited resources to be allocated.

#2 X Lies about (a certain topic)

For example: The 7 most common lies about online business.

Such a title can cause a person to click, as it draws their attention to the fact that something is not true. It also makes him wonder if he, in turn, believed in those elements and may even have made some wrong decisions.

Therefore, he will want to know if he is aware of that information or not.

#3 Strong question

Example: Have you thought about how you can have a healthy lifestyle even if you have a busy schedule?

Such a title makes the reader think, who tends to wonder what he should do in that context. In this way, he will become curious and will want to know how he can have a healthy lifestyle.

#4 Convincing statement

For example: 10 Management tools recommended by well-known entrepreneurs.

The title above is not just a statement but is confirmed by specialists who have tested those tools. Thus, it increases the curiosity but also the level of confidence of the reader in the tools he can use to achieve his goals.

#5 The problem and the promise of a solution

Here’s our example: Insurance nightmare – the list of natural disasters you need to check with your agent.

In this situation, the title announces the problem that the reader may face and proposes to find out what they should do to avoid unpleasant situations. It also arouses his desire to find out that information.

#6 Negative result + a mysterious solution

For example: How to avoid embarrassing situations in public – The secrets of a professional public speaker.

Such a title promises to reveal to the reader what to do in order not to find themselves in embarrassing contexts. Moreover, the advice comes from a knowledgeable person in the field, so the interest in reading such an article increases considerably.

#7 A recognized person/a group of knowledgeable people + exclusive information

Example: Steve Jobs reveals everything about Apple’s revolutionary design process.

People like to know details about famous people, and especially about those they can admire and who is a reference in a certain field. At the same time, the words used in the title promise to find some information unknown until now.

All the formulas presented above can be combined with each other depending on the topic you want to address. It is important that the way you write the title arouses curiosity and is expressed in simple words and for everyone to understand.

Useful writing tips

Now that you’ve heard our suggestions, it’s time to summarize the most important information about creating headlines that help you get conversions.

#1 Short, concise, and to the point.

#2 Inclusion of figures.

#3 Using questions.

#4 Tips / Methods related to a specific field.

#5 Current information.

#6 Use of the second person singular (gives a personal note to the title).

#7 Use keywords depending on the topic you are going to develop.

Once you’ve learned the tips for writing engaging headlines, it’s time to create them yourself and discover the right wording for your target audience.

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