User experience – how to make sure your visitors are happy?

User experience

The decision to start a business is definitely an important step. It is practically that moment when you make a commitment that you will invest all the necessary resources to develop it.

As any business needs to ensure its online presence nowadays, we advise you to start by creating a website. This is the first element that a potential customer gets in touch with when they want to know details about the products or services you offer. In order for the site to adapt to current trends, it is essential to pay close attention to the visuals.

In addition to the above, there is one thing that you should not neglect, namely the user experience on the site. The way he feels every time he accesses your site influences the likelihood that he will return to your website whenever he needs it.

If we made you curious, we invite you to find out more about what this experience entails and how you can integrate it into your marketing strategy.

What does the UX on the site refer to?

The concept comes from the equivalent of user experience. This means that any visitor to a website must find or easily access the information on the site, as well as purchase a product or service in simple and intuitive steps.

We have repeatedly talked about the fact that today’s potential customers are always on the run, so they are impatient in most situations. Consequently, you need to make sure that you respond promptly to their needs.

Imagine for a few seconds that you are the user and that you have just accessed a website. What are your expectations?

If you have ever thought that you want to easily search for certain information or to be able to solve a need in a few clicks, then it means that you have intuited those of your visitors as well. And they expect everything to be handy in the online environment and to solve their problems in the shortest possible time.

It is for these reasons that you need to know how to create a user-friendly website experience, regardless of the field in which you work.

How do I make sure the user experience on my site is relevant?

#1 Responsive loading speed and design

Given the dynamics of today’s digital environment, users have limited time, so they want everything to be as fast as possible. If your website does not load in less than 2 seconds, it is very likely that they will leave the page and never return.

In terms of responsive design, it refers to the adaptability of the website for any mobile device. In other words, regardless of the mobile phone from which the site is accessed, its display must match the screen. This will allow users to find and read the information as easily as if they were accessing the site from their desktop.

#2 Website information

The content of the site consists of text information and visual materials. They need to follow a few simple features to create the most enjoyable interaction possible with each user.

It is advisable for the text to be written in the simplest and clearest possible way, for everyone to understand, and at the same time to have enough details about the product or service in question. Consider that if a person does not understand the text, they are unlikely to be persuaded to buy from your website.

In terms of visuals, each element included must reflect the written information and contribute to the dynamics of the website.

To ensure that you have adequate content on the site, we recommend that you consult a specialist in the field. How can a content writer help you grow your business? You can find out details in this regard.

#3 The visitor’s journey on the site

This translates to the path that a user follows on the site. Consequently, its structure must be as simple and intuitive as possible. Only then will people who access the website know where to click to find specific information or what steps they need to take in order to purchase a product.

#4 Call-to-action buttons

These are the exhortations that must appear on every page of the site. Their role is to guide users on the website. This encourages them to take certain actions that, in the long run, contribute to the best possible conversion rate.

They are also determined by the purpose of the page and the written content. Therefore, they can be as diverse as Sending messages, contact us, learn more details, Watch video, Sign up for the course, Order now, Add to cart, and the list goes on.

#5 Search Engine Optimization

It refers to the optimization indicators of a site that Google analyzes when deciding which position to display a site from organic searches. Each SEO factor, as it is also known, is important for creating the user experience on the site.

Since it is a generous and complex topic, we advise you to read the two articles written on this topic: What are the most important SEO performance indicators and ranking indicators.

In the end, keep in mind that every decision you make about your website affects the impression a user will have.

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