Video Content – How to Increase Sales?

Video Content

Do you create video content, sell products or services online? I’m sure you want to see an increase in orders received and more interaction from your customers.

But who wouldn’t want that?

Well, if you still don’t have a sales growth plan, you should make one. There are many tricks you can use to increase the number of online orders, but you certainly should not ignore the most important: video content.

So, you need to learn how to increase sales through quality video content to distribute to your customers; and not only.

There are a lot of users who might be interested in your products, but still don’t know anything about your brand. And how do you get to them more easily if not through a carefully planned video marketing strategy?

Learn that more than 45% of online shoppers prefer presentation videos over classic text content.

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Too much text makes a site boring and dull. No one wants to spend good minutes reading about what you know how to do and how your products or services help others.

But, a presentation video will make everything much more interactive. It will transmit more information in a shorter time. In addition, the same video can then be shared on all social media channels and online platforms that you manage. If you have low interaction on social media platforms this solution is more than recommended.

It’s simple, fast, and easy to use. Let’s see how and where to start to increase sales through video content.

Video marketing: the sales growth plan you need to use

Video marketing is quite similar to content marketing. The goals are the same, what differs is how the content is implemented.

Rest assured, you won’t have to invest in expensive equipment or set up a small recording studio. It is enough to use your smartphone and make a content plan that you should strictly follow.

When creating video content it is good to have a video marketing strategy. This strategy includes the topics you will address but also a timeline for publishing and distributing the videos made.

In short, you need to create an audience, an audience that will follow you every time you publish something new.

The advantage of videos is that they can be watched by several people at the same time, even when only one phone or laptop is available. The same cannot be said of a classic article focused mainly on text content. It is quite difficult to imagine two or three people reading the same article at the same time on a single phone.

Don’t be discouraged by the road ahead. Your audience will not be formed overnight. But, publish regularly, distribute the movies on all the online channels you manage and you will see more and more reactions and subscribers.

Let’s see how you can go from the first video made to a large audience that helps you increase online sales.

Increase sales through video content: the steps to follow

YouTube channel

The first thing you need to do when you want to follow a plan to increase sales through video content is to create a YouTube channel.

First of all, YouTube is the second most visited online platform after Facebook. If you want to reach the attention of your potential customers, you need to have a high activity on YouTube and publish videos as often as you can.

Then videos posted on YouTube can be easily managed. You can access them from your account and you can distribute them at any time and on any online platform: on the website, on Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

YouTube is also a good opportunity to increase the organic positioning of your site. Video indexing is also done by keywords, and visits to the site via YouTube will increase the authority of the landing page.

Facebook live

Facebook is the platform that will bring you the most benefits when you want to learn how to increase sales through video content.

To give a fresh note of the brand, I recommend you to have frequent activity on Facebook. Of course, don’t just publish for the sake of it. Always find topics of interest, useful for users. Otherwise, you risk boring them.

Share all your YouTube and Facebook videos. Every time you post a new video on the YouTube channel, do it on social media platforms.

And, more than that, use Facebook Live. It’s a real gold mine if you follow a smart strategy.

Facebook Live allows video streaming of up to 4 hours. I’m not saying you have to broadcast so much live, but it’s recommended to get to at least 2 hours. The longer your transmission, the more users will follow you.

Very important: users can leave comments in real-time. Make sure you answer them and pay attention to them. After all, they are the ones who matter.

I recommend you watch Facebook Live as a weekly show that you watch with interest. In short, publish according to a well-established schedule: on the same day, every week, and at the same time. This way, your audience will know when to follow you and you will be able to develop a real online community.

Of course, each record must provide useful information. Don’t bore your audience and follow a well-structured plan.

InstaStory video content

Similar to Facebook Live, Instagram lets you stream video content in real-time. In this case, the video will only be visible for 24 hours, but it will go viral quickly.

Unlike Facebook on Instagram, it is good to transmit information in the field of lifestyles, a content with which the public on Insta is a bit more accustomed.

You can broadcast short videos that contain information that would not otherwise be accessible to the general public. For example, you can include frames with what happens behind closed doors, where products are prepared, or when a meeting is held to discuss customer services.

All you have to do is take out your phone and record. The more often you do it and the more unusual the information transmitted, the better. It’s important to create content that goes viral. This way your brand will become more and more known.

Replaces text content on the site with video content

As I already told you, a page loaded with too much text will be too monotonous to read in its entirety.

Choose to drop the text and go for the presentation videos.

If you have products, present them through short and interactive videos.

If you are talking about services, present their advantages in short videos that include testimonials.

You can even do it on the About Us page. Video content is the future and it will gradually replace classic text content. In short, it offers exactly what your user wants from you.


Keep in mind the goals you set before you set out. Remember, video content should help you increase your online sales, no matter what you sell.

To succeed in this field you must not forget the SEO practices. Develop a system of internal links and do not forget to gather as many quality backlinks.

It is good to have a content strategy based on effective keyword research. Build everything around this plan and always follow the reports that Google tools give you: Google Analytics and Search Console.

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