Webnode – Website Builder – Review 2022

Webnode – Website Builder – General description

I worked on the design of a blog for about 1 hour. With another hour I could have made it super finished, but honestly, I don’t think you can do much in Webnode– Website Builder. Below is described why I think so. A lot depends on the template you choose. From the experience with this creator I understood that actually the number of templates is more limited than it seems at first glance.

A huge plus of this creator is that it guides you very efficiently to create a good landing page. For example, it has many forms already prepared to create an effective presentation web page. The interface allows you to professionally arrange the elements. The images and colors are well adapted. But despite this fact, I find that the options are too few to customize the web page effectively. As a result, you will get a page created in the template base, as well as many others. This thing influences the image you create on the network.

Below we have described in detail how we rate each aspect of this web page builder.

Webnode - Website Builder

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Ease of use

The Box Principle

Overall Webnode – Website Builder is a pretty handy and simple builder. Like many other solutions of this kind, it works according to the Box principle. There are “Boxes” bigger than (eg: References) – the so-called sections and smaller boxes inside the bigger ones (eg: images, text, …).


Webnode is one of the few platforms (like WebWave, Zyro) that includes an interface translated into differet language. The interface is quite intuitive and the elements (small boxes) can be easily moved inside the sections (large boxes). The large sections themselves are arranged in a vertical structure, so that you can easily structure the information.

Unfortunately, however, I did not find the possibility to create a one-page site. We did not find any one page site templates. Within large sections, section elements can be easily arranged with enormous flexibility. One thing I missed is the ability to swap sections (big boxes) with seats.

One thing that I found super convenient is the links on the page that work directly in the creator, so now inside the web page creator you can see how the page works. Likewise, I was pleased that the page, the interface of the page creation application and the templates are translated into other languages. It is enough to register at webnode.com and you have the spanish language set for your personal account.

Keyboard shortcuts

Key combinations like Ctrl+Z, or Ctrl+Y work, but Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X – don’t. The function of copying, cutting the element is completely missing. Which in turn complicates the process of creating the page.

So there is not much room for super sophisticated pages.



So the page settings are quite limited. It can be set if the page will appear in the menu or not (By the way, there is only one menu). Can’t set which page will be main, pages can’t be copied, … So as I was saying web page creator, Webnode is very simple in the broadest sense of the word. The menu does not include settings. And it automatically adapts to the dimensions of the display.

Webnode Pages


The site builder includes many elements such as images, text, gallery. One thing I didn’t expect is that I couldn’t find the slider element.

To add a blog section it is necessary to insert a blog page – a not very intuitive matter. Generally when we create a new page we have a choice of 12 page types.

Prepared Forms

One gratifying thing is that in Webnode we found many sections specially prepared for small business pages:

  • Price list
  • List of products
  • reference
  • Order or reservation form
  • Register for the newsletter

These sections can be easily edited and the page can even “work” for business. The page can display all the information the user needs, and if the visitor fills out a registration form, then you will receive an email to the indicated address.

Overall I found the creator quite flexible in some aspects and very limited in others.

Icon and image bank

Some useful features are icon and image bank. The downside of these banks is the lack of a search function. That’s why searching for the image can take a long time, possibly even longer if we had the benefit of an external source of free images and icons.

Third-party integrations and solutions

The knowledge base mentions the following modules that can be integrated into the page:

1- The Facebook module that allows you to like the publication and displays the number of likes (included in the head section, which means it is only accessible for premium packages.)

2- Questionnaire from Survimo.com (integrated within HTML elements)

3- Reservation system from reservio.com (integrated within the HTML elements)

I also tried to integrate an event from Google calendar. It looked like a button you had to click and you would go to the event page, even though it was public. But it worked. So it’s very likely that the creator is also compatible with many basic mods.

Webnode Creation

Online shop

So for the online store we are dealing with an older and less intuitive creator.


One thing that I found a considerable shortcoming is that the footer of the page can be edited to a very limited extent. For the free package there are only 2 text elements and that’s it. If I purchase a premium package, it gives me the ability to edit the footer by including some code – a bit much for a drag and drop creator.


The site map can be easily found by adding the fragment “/sitemap.xml” to the url of the obtained page. This map is automatically generated.


The favicon (the icon that appears in the left corner of the tab, when we open the page in the browser) can only be changed within the premium packages. So until you pay you have to accept the Webnode icon which will promote the creator.



The SEO settings honestly disappointed me a little. How can the installation of the Google Analytics code be a premium option, plus, it is only accessible from a package that costs almost $10/month. Certain SEO settings are also missing which, in my opinion, are fundamental: Editing the header section (only valid for the premium option), writing the Alt tag for images (I did not find such a thing even in the premium packages).


Even in the free package there is the possibility to edit the Page Title. Its address, Meta description tag, Meta keywords can also be edited.

Text editing

Another shortcoming of web pages is the lack of deep text hierarchy settings. There are only the options of Title, Subtitle, Heading, Normal and Blockquote. So the written text will be difficult for Google search engines and users to interpret, while a hierarchy is missing Headline 1, 2, 3, … For the Online Store these settings are present.

So the conclusion is this: to position yourself well you need to pay well and it’s still not enough until the end. To me, it is disappointing.

Free plan

So the free plan offers a little – storage memory – maximum 200MB, data traffic – maximum 1GB, very few SEO possibilities. Fortunately, the pages created on the basis of the free package are preserved. That’s why you can work a lot on the content and then publish the page, paying the subscription only as long as the page has well-optimized content.

Number of templates

Web Page Templates

We have listed 81 web page templates. In many templates, however, the general design is repeated. The only difference is the colors and the pictures depending on the theme – which, frankly speaking, also require time to be selected, adjusted, … So in the end they still save time. All templates are free. Practically all are created with great taste.

Templates for online store

If we want to create an online store, we have 95 templates at our disposal, which frankly look like they are from the 2000s. So they don’t necessarily create a feeling of trust from the buyer.

Webnode Template

Pricing policy

The pricing policy is very ungenerous. For the standard package $11 you only get 3GB of storage memory, 10GB of data traffic and you can only create the page in 2 languages. So the name “Standard” itself does not mean that it is the cheapest. It is simply a package that does not have many limits. As I mentioned above, if you do not purchase this package, you cannot connect the Google Analytics code either.


An amazing thing in this creator is automatic RWD. For example, in the case of two elements placed side by side in columns (eg text and image) increasing the dimensions of one element decreases the dimensions of the other and vice versa. This thing really does not allow you to break the page and speeds up your work a lot. The page adapts perfectly to different display sizes.

The possibility of earning money

Missing. I did not find such an option.

Number of webmasters

The free version, however, offers the possibility to work in a team. The available roles are: administrator and editor. Quite generous considering all the limitations described above.

Free own domain

The possibility to connect your own domain name starts at the price of $5.95. You get a free domain for one year in this package. It is not clear, however, how much it will cost to maintain this domain and what the extension of the domain is.

White label

Missing. I did not find such an option. So it seems to me, that this is natural, because the creator is very simple. Besides, creating a page does not require much time and effort. On the other hand, the creator is too simple to be necessary for the work of a professional web designer.


So I can say that Webnode is a good creator for those who want to easily create a business card: where to indicate all the necessary information (product description, price list, recommendations, case studies, the advantages of the offer, … ) that may interest the user: in this way the user will save time by avoiding repeating the same thing over and over again.

Plus you can create a blog. In SEO there are basically all the basic settings and after all no one stops you from working on the content. The page will look nice but not necessarily provide effective positioning. The question arises whether this creator offers, or will offer (if the authors of the application work on its development) the possibility to move to a professional level.

Who is Webnode for?

I recommend Webnode for those who want to quickly create a web page that works. They don’t have many requirements for the page and don’t plan to develop it much. They will get a presentation page, and a customer contact platform with the help of which the customer will be able to make some orders, reservations, …

I also recommend Webnode for people who don’t yet have much experience in the field, and need a platform to start from. You will be able to see within this site builder many possibilities on how you can use forms, news lists, color combinations. Webnode offers a professional guide that explains how to make a web page, which a lot of users need.

Who is not Webnode for?

People who want to create a super mega custom page will feel more limited. Users who want a more sophisticated page in terms of functionality and SEO alike will not be able to enjoy many options.

With SEO it won’t be that simple. To write quality content you will be able, like anywhere in fact, to include tags yes, but not everywhere, to track the traffic on the page will be expensive. And here comes the question of price and value.

Likewise, I don’t see much possibility of developing a website created in Webnode by a professional web design specialist.

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