WebWave Website Builder – The Best Review 2022

WebWave Website Builder is one of the best builders for creating websites. Work on the platform began in 2012, and the platform itself was launched in 2013.

WebWave Website Builder

From the first moments of use, it is clear that WebWave is a well-thought-out program. WebWave combines numerous features and ease of use. After testing, we were convinced that the program meets even the requirements of enthusiasts, experts in creating websites.

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Interface of WebWave Website Builder

The interface of the editor looks very similar to that of Adobe programs (e.g. Photoshop) – very well known and appreciated by specialists in the field.

As in these graphics programs, in WebWave you have the most important functions on the surface.

The advanced functions are not visible at first sight, but you can access them in 2-3 clicks.

As a graphical editing program, WebWave includes 3 important functions:

  • Layer list that allows advanced setting of the overlapping order of items on the site
  • Guidelines, which allow you to set the exact position of items on all subpages on the site
  • Exact positioning of the dimensions of the elements on the site using the X and Y position parameters

As a result, people who have worked with graphics programs, whether it’s Photoshop or PowerPoint, will find themselves very quickly.

Convenience of work

The speed with which the editor works is a very important aspect. This is not about such comfort, although it is also important. The speed with which the editor works directly determines our productivity.

General description

Working in the WebWave editor is pretty easy. The editor is quick to respond to actions taken, which provides an extra sense of control.

The work in the editor itself is very simple and clear. WebWave works according to the WYSIWYG principle – (What You See Is What You Get – What you see is what you get). In other words, you do not have to write the code of the site and work on its correctness. The program writes the code for you.

One important thing – since the beginning of 2020 the WebWave platform is accessible from all popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, MS Edge.

Working with WebWave templates

If we don’t want to create a page “from scratch”, we can use a template. In WebWave I found a little more than 50 templates. However, the results of this issue are amplified by the enormous possibilities of editing these templates. The templates I found can be edited and adjusted in total depth (I know the word is superlative, but otherwise you can’t tell).

I emphasize that the template is just a starting point. The WebWave program includes so much functionality that it’s a shame to limit ourselves to filling the page with content. Even if at first you do not feel empowered to edit the site professionally, over time the advanced editing functions “become” very useful.

In WebWave we found the most important types of templates:

  • Presentation site
  • Blogs
  • Online shop
  • Portfolio for photographers
  • and other

WebWave Templates

Speed ​​of publishing sites created in WebWave

The publication of the site takes place quite quickly. But of course this speed is a parameter dependent on a number of factors. The publishing speed depends on the number of subpages and the size of files (such as images) uploaded to the site, connection speed, and computer performance. In the case of a simple site of up to 40-50 subpages with optimized images and a normal performance of the connection and the computer, the publication takes only a few seconds.

Saving projects and backup function

The program also includes automatic save functions every 5 minutes, and saving changes takes place in the background. All this ensures us in the face of losing the effects of our work in case of a browser error.

Creation possibilities

The possibilities of the program are the biggest advantage of this platform. Unlike other platforms, you won’t find any extravagant names like Artificial Design Intelligence here. WebWave is simply an effective web design platform. In this part of the article, I will describe the most important functions.

Editing items in detail

A very important property of the publisher is the ability to edit in detail the elements added to the site. Each element can be edited: you can change its color, size, text.

After a few minutes you can see that the software works, really fast. Thanks to this option, the simple elements become very flexible and offer enormous possibilities.

It is a major advantage, especially if we compare WebWave with the other options.

Animation and effects of elements

In WebWave you will add effects like Parallax, Ken Burns, you will be able to set how an element looks with its filters. You can also set animation effects for items to appear or disappear.

Website optimization for mobile devices

An important function of the platform is the ability to create sites optimized for mobile devices using RWD technology. I will describe this in more detail in the following parts of the text.

Adding your own code

In addition to the basic options, the WebWave editor offers the possibility to add a custom HTML, JS and CSS code in the Head, or Body sections – which further expands the possibilities of creating the site with the help of this platform.

Below, we describe a series of specific functions that differentiate the WebWave platform from the other options.

Creating sites for an entire team

The simple addition of webmasters when editing sites is the next useful feature. Creating and managing websites is a very technologically advanced activity, and in the case of extremely high performance requires the editing of the site by a whole team of specialized people with the appropriate qualifications: SEO optimization, content writing, web designuser experience.

In WebWave you can grant rights to edit created sites to colleagues, without giving them direct access to your personal account. In addition, there is the possibility to set different levels of editing rights.

Possibility to limit public access to a page or article

You know the situation when you have to publish the site but part of it is not ready. The WebWave program offers 2 convenient options for these cases:

  • Setting access to the subpage with a password. In other words, the page is published, it can be displayed and tested on different devices, but to access this subpage it is necessary to enter a password, which you set yourself.
  • Setting the page as unpublished. With this option, you can set the WebWave platform to omit certain subpages, articles when publishing the site. In this case, the corresponding subpage or article will not exist in the public version of the site.

These features are very important, especially for people who already have a lot of experience in creating sites.

Securing the connection with SSL certificates

Each site created in WebWave is accessed under an address secured by an SSL certificate. This is important both for the positioning of the site and for the user experience.

In addition, if we are talking about security, in WebWave there is the function of automatically creating backup versions of sites that can be easily restored.

PWA function

This feature – allows site users to download the site as an application on mobile devices. As a result, the content of the site will be accessible even offline.

Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google AdSense

Connecting the sites created in WebWave with these systems is very simple and most importantly does not require additional costs. All you have to do is activate the Premium package and link a domain to the site you created. All 3 systems integrate easily by uploading a special file to the site – something you can do even with the Free package.

We emphasize that this is an important specific of the WebWave platform, where in fact there are no differences in the editing of sites with the help of the Free and Premium package. In the case of other platforms such as Webnode and WIX, connecting the Google Analytics module requires the activation of the most expensive premium plans.

WebWave Nea Feaures 2022

Platform development

The number of functions is quite large, and it is constantly increasing – new functions are implemented every two weeks.

On the page “New functions” – where the authors of the program describe the new functions implemented and how these functions help us to design web pages. Thanks to this page, we were able to fully appreciate how quickly this tool develops and how much the authors of the program appreciate the needs and comfort of users.

Optimization for mobile devices

Creating the right site for mobile devices in WebWave is easy. The most common option is to choose a template, which is already adjusted for mobile devices. In the case of a site created from scratch, manual adjustment by drag-and-drop actions is quite simple, even if it does not seem so at first glance.

In this regard, I would like to explain something important: sites created in WebWave are optimized for mobile devices using the RWD (Responsive Web Design) method. This is a superior optimization method to creating the mobile version of the site.

But what differentiates WebWave from other platforms are the 2 special functions:

  • Website optimization for mobile devices takes place with the help of 4 RWD modes: Desktop, Tablet, Horizontal Mobile Phone and Vertical Mobile Phone.
  • Even if the 4 RWD modes are not enough, you can always adjust the break points – the boundaries of these RW modes

White Label – creating websites for customers

White Label is one of the few platforms that offers the possibility to create websites for customers. In other words, it allows the adjustment of the CMS panel and the transmission of the clients’ project under their own brand, not the WebWave one. Many marketing agencies benefit from this feature.

If you want to see how it works, you can test these functions for free for 14 days.

Online shop

WebWave offers several possibilities to launch an online store. You can integrate the site created in WebWave with an external plugin, such as Shopify or Ecwid. But you can also use the WebWave Shopping Cart feature – a native e-commerce feature.

The native function itself does not require any additional payment. It only pays for online payment processing – a standard thing nowadays on all e-commerce platforms.

The process of creating an online store is quite simple. It is necessary to present the products on the site and add the corresponding buttons: Add to cart and View cart – everything is highly customizable.

What’s missing?

Of course the most important weakness is of course the small number of direct integrations. Integration of sites with external systems is possible, but with a code added in the Head, Body section or uploading a special file. Among the few direct integrations I found are the integrations with MailerLite, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

However, we emphasize again that the accessibility of site integrations with certain systems is limited in many other platforms. Like Google Analytics, although it is a standard module, its integration is quite expensive for WIX and Webnode platforms.

The number of templates is small, but as I mentioned before, this is offset by the wide possibilities of editing sites.

In the past, a native e-commerce function was missing – you could only create an online store through integration with an external system. But for some time we have been noticing the existence of a native e-commerce function + a few more new e-commerce functions implemented recently.

Technical support

Technical support is accessible through a large database of tutorials, blog, online chat contact and e-mail messages. I emphasize the language of the tutorials because the creation of a site involves somewhat more sophisticated aspects and the requirements for language skills are a bit higher. In other words, even if the user has a certain level of knowledge of English, there is no guarantee that he will understand the instruction to integrate the site with an external system.

Contact WebWave support staff

Contact with support staff is simple – online chat is accessible on any subpage, even in the editor. Technical support via chat and email is accessible from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday for each user (even for unregistered).

WebWave Website Builder – Plans and their prices

Unlike most website-builder platforms, there are 4 packages in WebWave: Free, Starter, Pro and Business, which I will describe in this part of the review:

Free plan – Create and launch a website online for free

The Free WebWave plan allows for quite a few things. For example, the site creation functions are identical in both the free and the Premium package.

The site can be created on WebWave servers and published for free on a subdomain address – no limits on storage space or data traffic. An important thing is that the Free package is not limited in time.

In other words, even benefiting from the Free package, we get a lot of comfort in creating our website.


  • Free .com domain for one year
  • No WebWave Ads
  • 1 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 GB file storage
  • Unlimited pages
  • No mail boxes
  • 0 GB storage for email accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Custom HTML, JS, CSS

Starter planCreate a one-page website and connect to custom domain

The Starter plan offers the possibility to connect a domain, to remove the promo banner from the site, in other words to launch the site. In addition, you get a few other useful things: SSL certificate, email accounts and more.

Price 3$/month

If you pay monthly, then it’s 3$/month. If you activate the Starter package for a whole year, then it is 36$/year.

The Starter package can be activated for 1 month, for half a year and for one year.

When activating the Starter package for 1 year, you get a free .com domain for the first year.

An important detail related to the psychological comfort and the amount of money in your pocket, is the fact that once you have activated the Starter package you get the standard price guarantee – even if the Starter plan has been activated for 1 month. In other words, even if there will be price increases in the future, this will not affect you anymore – your price is guaranteed.

And if you want to save some money then click on this link and get a 50% discount on your first purchase😉


  • Free .com domain for one year
  • No WebWave Ads
  • 2 GB Bandwidth
  • 3 GB file storage
  • One page
  • 1 email account
  • 1 GB storage for email accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Help in English via chat, email
  • Submission to Google and SEO
  • Custom HTML, JS, CSS

Pro PlanCreate a multi-page website and blog with no limits

Price – 5$/month


  • Free .com domain for one year
  • No WebWave Ads
  • No limits on bandwidth
  • 10 GB file storage
  • Unlimited pages
  • 3 email accounts
  • 3 GB storage for email accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Help in English via chat, email
  • Submission to Google and SEO
  • Blog
  • Password protected pages
  • Membership pages
  • Custom HTML, JS, CSS
  • Multilanguage websites

Business Plan – Sell online with no limits or commissions

Price – 7$/month


  • Free .com domain for one year
  • No WebWave Ads
  • No limits on bandwidth
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 20 GB storage for email accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Help in English via chat, email
  • Submission to Google and SEO
  • Blog
  • Password protected pages
  • Membership pages
  • Custom HTML, JS, CSS
  • E-commerce with online payments
  • Sell digital products
  • Multilanguage websites


The last detail I would like to describe is related to the field. Domains with standard extensions can be registered in WebWave: .com, .net, and other extensions, for example national ones.

But if you already have a domain registered elsewhere then you can easily connect it to the site created in WebWave by activating the Starter plan and making the appropriate settings.

User opinions about WebWave

Most of the opinions of WebWave users are positive reached the score of 4.8 out of 5 on the Fanpage page on Facebook.

Users appreciate the ease of the platform, accessible even to beginners.

Why should you use WebWave Website Builder?

  • To create a website or an online store with WebWave you don’t have to have any technical skills, you don’t have to write code nor configure any servers.
  • With WebWave you can create a unique, one of a kind, website or online store.
  • WebWave lets you adjust the graphic design of your website or online store just how you imagined it.
  • While designing with WebWave you can put elements of your website or online store everywhere on the canvas, overlay and overlap them. There are no tables or cells you need to fit into. WebWave works just like a graphic design tool.
  • WebWave is used by over 450 000 people.
  • Create your website or online store from scratch, or use a free template and change it however you like.
  • Start for free and design your website or online store however long you like. You can turn on a Premium Plan, which starts at $6/month, when you’re satisfied with your design.
  • Their online support answers online chat in 60 seconds, and replies to emails in 1h.
  • With WebWave you get fast and stable hosting with 99,9% uptime, but you also get free SSL for your domain name and mailboxes in your own domain name.

Why is WebWave Website Builder, better than other website builders?

  • WebWave gives you a wide range of options for graphical editing of your site. If you start creating your site from a template, then every element of that template can be changed. You can also start with a blank page, and design every detail of the page from scratch.
  • In WebWave, page elements can be positioned freely with an accuracy of 1 px. They can blend in and overlap each other. In other website builders you can only set elements in specific places, in the cells of the table on which the page is built. In WebWave, you have complete freedom.
  • The WebWave interface is modeled after popular graphics design tools such as Photoshop. Thanks to that, it is much friendlier and easier to learn for people who have already worked with such programs.
  • Great support available from 8 to 24 via online chat, email and phone. No queues or waiting. 
  • In WebWave, in addition to the website, domain with SSL and SEO optimization you also get an email box in your own domain. So you have everything you need to present yourself and your business effectively online. 

Why choose WebWave Website Builder and not WordPress?

  • With WebWave, you don’t need to know how to code or configure servers. All the configuration happens automatically. In contrast, to run WordPress you need a lot of technical knowledge. You need to configure hosting, database, install a template, connect a domain, SSL, install plugins. 
  • In WebWave, every detail of the template can be changed at will, and you can even create a completely original site from a scratch. All that without writing a single line of code. On WordPress, template modification is very limited. 
  • In WebWave, experienced administrators and developers take care of updates and security of your site. On WordPress, you have to do updates, backups, server security yourself. 
  • A website created in WebWave achieves much better SEO results with comparable effort than an identical website created on WordPress. We confirmed it in a more than six-month study.
  • In WebWave we have a great support that helps right away. Our support answers online chat in less than 60 seconds, and replies to an email in less than 1 hour. On WordPress, you can only ask for help on community groups.

Conclusion of WebWave Website Builder

In conclusion, I can say that the WebWave platform is an advanced tool with which you can create a site with any graphic design. This platform is quite advantageous in price if we compare it with WIX.

If we talk about possibilities, they are not missing.

Test WebWave platform

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