findtheblogger 2022

At FindTheBlogger, the main goal is to provide useful information, best deals and is easy to understand for WordPress beginners and not only.

So, if you asked yourself:

Or you got other questions, that`s the place, to find your answer.

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The story behind FindTheBlogger

My name is Adrian, and I`m the founder of FindTheBlogger.

Daily, I`m a regular person, with a normal job and a great family with 2 wonderful boys.

FindTheBlogger is a brand new and fresh blog, created to help other people to understand and to put in practice all the tips are on this blog.

Here you will find great review about tools that you might use on your blog, portfolio or e-commerce.

What is the goal of the blog?

Well that is a great question. To help everybody that needs simple words but powerful information. Here you will find a true and honest opinion about the products I wrote about it.

If you are a new in the blogging world, the terminology on this blog it is easy to understand, so you don`t need to be a high-tech.

Since 2015, I did start to learn about WordPress, hosting, e-commerce, blogging, SEO and much more. So, yes, I am a self-taught.

In another hand, I want to let you know that I am not going to write only about WordPress. The plan is to cover much more than this and you can have the opportunity the read great and helpful articles.

I love to write, I love to help and hopefully this will make a difference for you and your future blog or business.

If you have a suggestion, feedback, question, or suggestion regarding this site please write to me. I value all the readers and I try to get back to each email sent. You can use the Contact form to reach me.