10 fears that prevent you from starting an internet business

You have an idea starting an internet business or maybe a talent? Do you want to give up your current job or it is simply becoming clear to you that you want something else? Maybe you are not an ardent fan of a fixed program from 9 to 17 or that you do not agree with the restrictive framework of a multinational.

starting an internet business

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Does the thought of starting an internet business make you sick? Well, for every entrepreneur who gets to launch online, many others fail to even take the first step. Why?

Out of fear.

And fear lurks in a variety of reasons. Here are 10 of them and how to overcome them to launch your own internet business.

Fears before launching an internet business

You don’t know where to start

Many entrepreneurs do not know where to start when they want to put their ideas into practice. One idea would be to find someone to inspire you with their success.

Find out his story, analyze the structure of his internet business.

And, above all, take the first step towards what you want to achieve. The rest will be revealed to you step by step as you go along.

You have no money

Being an entrepreneur would be a breeze if anyone with a business idea could easily get the money they need right from the start. It is an ideal that has nothing to do with reality.

Even if you do not have the necessary resources to achieve everything you want from the beginning, you will see along the way that a slow but stable development process of your internet business is much more appropriate and beneficial. It is a natural route for the vast majority of companies, which will help you to be more calculated, more cautious, to make better decisions and which can save you from unjustified expenses.

You don’t have time to start an internet business

In a fast-paced world, we tend to think we don’t have enough time for anything. In fact, we have. The day also has 24 hours, and the year also 365 days.

It’s up to you to rigorously organize your time, set priorities and juggle them, channel your energy into turning your idea into an internet business.

You don’t know the online environment

Is the online environment foreign to you? Don’t know what a web domain is? What do you need hosting for? How to make a website? How to use social media? How to promote yourself online?

Okay, calm down, no one is born knowing them all. However, the democratization of information and the media makes “I don’t know” an unjustified excuse.

Get informed, learn! Knowledge means power and is the key to the success of your internet business. Read books on entrepreneurship, follow blogs about online tools and how to use them for your business, seek help on specialized forums. As you accumulate information and put it into practice, you will come to know what, why and how to master your own destiny online.

You have no support

Sometimes you can’t do everything on your own. Build relationships and a support system. Identify people you can trust, who understand you and who you can rely on: family, friends, people you have met through networking, virtual friends.

They will encourage you to go further on the path of your online business no matter what and how many difficulties you will encounter along the way and will be there to celebrate with you your successes, smaller or larger.

Your support network will be like an anchor when things don’t go the way you want, your source of advice, appreciation and encouragement. Plus, it could help you open another door when needed or meet people who can help you.

This is not the time

In fact, it is never the right time, because there is no right time. The best time to start your internet business is now. Not tomorrow, not in a week, not next year. Now.

With every postponement, with every delay, with every excuse, that “later” is more and more at risk of becoming “never”.

Mobilize! Take the first step without thinking too much about the problems that will arise. You will find solutions at the right time. It’s just beginning. Now.

You don’t want to disappoint

Before you think about how disappointed those around you will be if you fail with your internet business, think about how disappointed you will be if you don’t try to put your ideas into practice.

Not everyone can give up the comfort of a job to venture on risky and unknown business paths. Whether you succeed at first or not, you are rather admired for the courage and determination to do something on your own.

Do not trust

Before anyone else can believe in your internet business, you must first believe. View success. It will give you the impetus to take action and help you discover ways to achieve it.

Even if you have doubts about the possibility of people agreeing with your products or services, strive to offer the best. In business, there are no certainties, but there is always hope and solutions.

You don’t have the courage

Look with optimism at the entrepreneurial adventure that lies ahead, but also realistic. Don’t expect everything to go exactly as you planned from the beginning. Any business involves risks.

Analyze what would be the worst case scenario for your internet business. This way you will know the risks involved, to what extent you can overcome them and you will have more courage to venture into the business world.

Can not

An old saying goes “there is no I can’t, there is I don’t want to”. It’s easy to put up mental barriers on your own and tell yourself you can’t.

The first step to eliminating “I can’t” is to understand when and why you say it. Then replace it with the question “how could I?”. Thus, you will end up eliminating negative perceptions and you will focus more on solving problems. This way, you will be able to start your own internet business faster.

And don’t forget: there is always a way, a solution – you just have to find it.


Overcoming your own fears is one of the most difficult steps in starting an internet business. It is a leap that requires confidence and courage, especially if it means giving up the comfort and safety of a salary. But if you have an idea, a dream to test on the internet, do not persist, do not get stuck in fears. Be aware of them, cushion them, move on!

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