How to write an e-book and how to make a lead magnet


First of all, let’s clarify a little what an e-book means and why it is an important material in the online environment.

The e-book or lead magnet, as we like to call it, is a good opportunity to generate new subscribers, expand your database and get sales (if you have a store online or a site on which you promote your services).

Developing the business you own is definitely one of your priorities. And if you also have a website, then you are probably interested in the ways in which you can ensure your success in the online environment.

In a previous article, we wrote about How to increase the conversion rate on your site. Once you become familiar with the elements through which you can generate more sales and subscribers, it’s time to discover what it means to write and promote an e-book and how it helps you.

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An e-book is also a useful tool for writing in detail about a topic related to your field of activity and which is equally interesting for your target audience.

At the same time, before you start working on its actual realization, it is essential to keep in mind that the whole process involves 3 major steps: writing the lead magnet, creating the design, and promoting it. Let’s take things in turn and see what steps each one involves.

How do I write an e-book?

The content of the e-book is one of the main aspects that arouses interest among people and causes them to read it. Therefore, we recommend that you consider the following tips.

#1 Choice of subject

Remember: the e-book is a resource that attracts potential customers. Therefore, select a theme according to the needs of your target audience. Of course, to know what your business audience wants, you must first Build a buyer persona profile for your customers.

Moreover, choose a topic that is connected to your field of activity, as that is the field you master. In this way, you increase the degree of trust that people have in what you offer them.

For example, a company that works in the field of construction will most likely write about the most important elements that you need to consider when you want to build a home.

#2 Establishing the main ideas

Once you select the theme of the e-book, think about the most important ideas you want to develop. Later, we recommend that you write a few notes for each idea because they will help you get an overview.

Next, make the outline of the ebook, making sure you follow the structure: introduction – table of contents – conclusion.

The introduction is a summary of the information that readers will find out, as well as some data about the authors of the ebook. The actual part of it consists of the development of ideas based on the chosen topic, and the end consists of formulating conclusions.

#3 Content organization

The way you write is also important. You need to make sure that writing helps readers get through it easily and quickly.

Consequently, we recommend that you include in each chapter subsections, each with a subtitle, different fonts where you want to emphasize a certain idea, as well as numbered or bulleted lists in the case of enumerations.

We also advise you to include keywords specific to your field of activity and the chapters of the ebook.

The last thing you need to pay close attention to language and grammar. It is essential to use an expression accessible to your target audience and to avoid using technical words (where it is necessary to use them, it is advisable to have an explanation in common terms).

In terms of grammar, our advice is to revise the final text at least 3 times before publishing it to avoid mistakes in expression, punctuation, or writing.

#4 Choose a title for your e-book

The title is the first aspect that users read and depending on it they choose whether to download an ebook or not. Therefore, the title of the lead magnet must be attractive and relevant to the chosen topic.

Here are some examples that give you a starting point:

  • 7 Best practices to generate sales in the online environment;
  • 11 Useful statistics to have a successful career;
  • How to build a house from scratch? – 9 Essential Tips.

Regardless of the topic, you want to describe, the title should reflect the main ideas of the e-book

What should I include in the e-book design?

The visual aspect has always been an important element in everything we do. Therefore, here’s what you can do to make your ebook look like a user.

#1 Color selection for your e-book

It’s a great way to highlight important ideas and create dynamism in the text. At the same time, you contribute in this way to a much more efficient reading process, as you will draw people’s attention to the most important information.

A good option in this regard is to choose the colors specific to your brand, ie those that are found in the color palette of the logo. This way you maintain unity in terms of the visual identity of your business.

#2 Inserting images

The essential ideas in the e-book can be illustrated with pictures or infographics. Their role is to help the reader understand the content more easily and retain that information.

If you do not have your own images, there are sites like 10Web, and where you can find various stock photos that you can download and use for free.

#3 E-book conversion

The most widely used way to distribute an ebook today is the PDF format. If you are editing content in a Microsoft Word document, it is converted when you save the file and select the type of format you want.

This way, interested people can read the ebook much easier even from mobile devices.

How do I promote the lead magnet?

There are several options through which you can promote your ebook, but we will present the most important ones.

#1 Creating a sales page

Once you have completed the ebook, you can create a page dedicated to the lead magnet on the site where users can download it. Thus, you can make an attractive description of it and insert a form with contact details that people must fill in in order to download the ebook for free.

As a result, you can create or expand your database quickly and easily by adding contacts to whom you can send newsletters.

About How to write an irresistible sales page, I wrote in previous article.

#2 Email marketing campaigns

If you already have a solid database, run an email marketing campaign and send the ebook to those who have so far shown interest in your products or services.

To automate this process and make it efficient, we recommend that you use one of the most useful automation tools: GetResponse, Pabbly or Active Campaign.

#3 Offering a bonus

Another way to promote the lead magnet is to give it as a gift after subscribing to the newsletter. As a result, users will fill out the form to receive news from you, and as a reward for their interest, you can email them the e-book.

#4 Blog posting and social networking

The blog is a useful resource to inform readers about what’s new in your business. Thus, you can write an article announcing the launch of the e-book and adding the download link.

The second option is to write an article on a topic related to the subject of the ebook and add the download link.

Social media pages are also effective in informing the community that follows you online. Thus, you can make a post about the launch of the e-book and add the link where it can be downloaded.


We hope that all this information on writing and promoting your e-book will help you create a magnet of impact leads.

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