Web hosting – Everything you need to know

What is the best web hosting?

What does web hosting mean?

In short, web hosting is a service that allows you to upload a website or webpage to the internet. This service is provided by a company that provides you with the technologies needed for a site to work online.

Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you open a web page? What is beyond a seemingly trivial action that you do every day when you access the internet?

After reviewing what you need to start an online business, we take a step forward to even more serious things. Well, but not complicated or incomprehensible!

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So let’s start the process of dissecting what web hosting means to understand what it is, how it works, and how to choose it.

Sites are stored on special computers called servers. When you access them, your computer will connect to those servers and your web pages will be displayed.

Web hosting also involves owning a web domain, which is the unique name of your site. This hosting services also offer the possibility to create a web domain for your online business.

What are the web hosting components?

Probably you would be tempted to consider the web hosting service as unitary, it actually has 4 main components that you need to consider:

#1 Domain (Domain Hosting)

Your domain name is controlled and maintained by the company from which you purchase it. You are the owner of that domain for the period for which you buy it and no one can have a domain identical to yours.

Some of the best domain hosting are: Hostgator, Siteground, Bluehost, GreenGeeks, Accu Hosting

#2 DNS Hosting

DNS hosting or hosting of your web domain is that server that turns web addresses into internet addresses, otherwise known as IP addresses. The Internet actually works based on these IP addresses, so without DNS web hosting a site cannot run online.

Unquestionably, we recommend this product: ClouDNS

#3 Web Hosting

This is the service that practically hosts your site, so when choosing your web hosting provider, make sure that:

  • The speed of the server it provides you covers the needs of your site;
  • The frequency band can support the diversity and amount of information you need;
  • Updates are made on time;
  • There is the possibility of backup (backup) for your site;
  • You get technical support when you need it.

Clearly, our top 3 web hosting are: Bluehost, Siteground and Dreamhost

#4 Email Hosting

As the name suggests, this is the service that hosts the emails associated with your site. It allows you to send and receive your emails.

These components may be offered by one or more vendors. However, the recommendation is to opt for a company that can offer you the entire package of services and which, above all, has the capacity and availability to help you make the best choices for your site.

You can host your email on Bluehost, Dreamhost

Types of web hosting

You may be a little surprised, but there are several types of web hosting, each with its own role, advantages, and disadvantages. Of interest to you and your online business are 3 types of web hosting:

#1 Shared Hosting

This is the most popular type of web hosting. Certainly, the word “shared” makes you think of something in common. And you’re right.

Shared hosting assumes that the physical space on a server and its resources are shared by multiple sites. And now, you think: does being “shared” mean that crowding on the server could cause me problems? In the early days of the Internet, yes, it created problems.

Now, however, technological progress has made this type of web hosting very efficient and, especially, with an extremely good quality/price ratio, if, of course, you choose a serious web hosting company.

For the vast majority of online businesses this type of hosting is ideal for two reasons:

  • It’s more affordable – you don’t have to pay for an entire server, especially if it’s useless;
  • It’s easier to use – the server is preconfigured with the most important options and comes bundled with maintenance services and security updates.

Example of shared hosting with 30-Day Hosting Money-back Guarantee:

#2 VPS Hosting

The acronym VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is a kind of virtual private server. We say “one way” because this type of web hosting also involves the existence of a physical server that is, in fact, shared with other virtual servers.

The nice part is that on such a private virtual server you can do without worrying about others.

This is because it has dedicated resources and the available configurations are similar to those of a dedicated server.

VPS web hosting is advantageous because:

  • It’s much more flexible – virtual servers provide the most flexible environment available for sites. They adapt to problems that arise and automatically relocate the site to a safe area. It also provides fast solutions when the traffic on the physical server increases a lot.
  • Provides dedicated resources – so even if you share physical space with other customers, you don’t share resources, such as memory. This allows your site to run properly, even if, say, the neighbors you share the server with have a very large increase in traffic.

Company that offer VPS Hosting:

#3 Dedicated server

We think you’ve already realized, by name, that this type of web hosting means you have all the space available on a server just for you, all the space, and all the resources allocated.

As you probably guessed, this is also the most expensive type of web hosting, but it has the following advantages:

  • Flexibility and customization – you can choose exactly the type of hardware and software specifications you need;
  • High performance and dedicated resources – that’s because you don’t share the server with anyone;
  • Absolute control – you have full access and the ability to make any settings you want.
  • Hosting services: why give them the importance
  • When you are preparing to open an online business, you want to reach the attention of the target audience as soon as possible. But, pay attention to the essentials.

For dedicated server you can check this: TMD Hosting, Bluehost, Hostgator

And, from this point of view, hosting the site needs all your patience. The quality of the hosting depends on the performance of the website and implicitly, the quality of the services you offer.

Because the online experience you provide largely decides the user’s decision.

In short, the conversions themselves are influenced by each step you go through until the moment of online promotion.

Don’t forget the monthly maintenance of the WordPress site. Monthly monitoring means timely decisions. Depending on the volume of traffic, the number of services offered, or the products in the online catalog, it may be necessary, for example, to change the hosting package.

Maintenance can be done individually or can be provided by the hosting service provider. We talked to you more about how to choose WordPress maintenance in a separate article. Read it and find out what this administration process involves for your web pages.


In the end, you ask yourself: what type of web hosting should I choose? The answer: the one that best meets the specific needs of your site. And if you need advice on this, WordPress web hosting specialists will help you make the right choice.

Although it may seem like a less important part of building your online business, web hosting is, we would say, essential. Just imagine that you have a brilliant business idea, valued by an exceptional site, but poor hosting, which often makes it inoperable.

Or that you wake up, when you need it most, that there is no one to offer you technical support when something bad happens online.

So, when you are faced with choosing a web hosting company, it would be good to take into account both its reputation and the services it offers.

Finally, because we still referred to it, you will find the process of creating a website in WordPress, in order to get the site that will highlight your brilliant idea.

What are your hosting challenges or ambiguities right now?

Looking forward to your comment in the section below.

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