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If you came here after the previous article about turning passions into business ideas, it means that you are really eager to start an online business. But do you get a little shy when you think about how little you know about it? Relax! As technology has evolved so much, with so many ridiculously affordable online tools and specialists ready to meet your needs and concerns, there is no better time to build your own online business and start earning from it.

That being said, let’s get to work and split the thread into four.

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Web domain. What`s that?

Every online business must have a name. This is the name of the web domain you want to register online. It could be your brand name or keywords related to its field of activity. So let’s say you offer make-up services at home. In this case, the name of your online business could also be Finally, it may not be the most inspired, but it’s just an example.

The domain name must be a maximum of 63 characters, but it is not advisable to make a name as much as a sentence. The more concise, the easier it is to remember.

Then, it is important that the name you want to choose is free, as each domain is unique. Just like when you choose the combination for the car registration number.

The web domain can have several extensions: .com, .net, .info, .org. Depending on the extension you choose, the cost of acquiring the domain varies but does not exceed 20$/year. Once purchased, the domain name becomes your property for that period, which can then be extended as long as you want. This means that no one will be able to use the same web domain as you. It’s as if you want to have your own trademark online.

You can check the availability of the domain name directly from the Hostinger homepage.

Hosting. What’s the good for?

Once you have purchased the domain, you need a physical space on which to store your files (text, images, videos) so that they can then be accessed by internet users. This space is available on a web server and without it, a site cannot exist online. The server is for your online business like a hard drive for your personal computer or a mobile memory card.

Web hosting is provided by specialized companies that practically rent you space on their servers and make sure that your site benefits from the best conditions to run online. They can also get rid of some headaches when you need more.

When choosing web hosting, be sure that it can cover not only the initial needs of your online business but also the future ones. Therefore, it takes into account the storage capacity of the information they have, the percentage of service up-time, the possibility to create your domain-based email addresses, back-up, the speed of loading the site, but also the security servers.

Also, the ability to keep your site safe even when other accounts are vulnerable, to provide you with quick technical support whenever you need are also important criteria to consider when choosing web hosting.

The web hosting service requires only a small fee, this being monthly, quarterly, biannually or for several years, depending on the preferences and budget of the online business. The start-up cost is approximately 4$/month, and discounts can be obtained for the annual payment.

If you are curious, see the web hosting prices for WordPress.

Website, the touchstone for an online business?

Not at all.

Elegant, classic, or unusual, the site – the mainstay of your online business – must reflect what you sell, whether it’s products or services. And he must look professional since he will speak to the world in your absence.

But don’t be scared! Nowadays, the more important it is to have an online presence, the easier it is. You don’t need any programming knowledge or web design for this, just for a short time.

Probably the best and most famous platform in the world to start an online business is WordPress. It takes less than 1 minute to install and has a lot of templates and plugins available that can make your site look and work professionally. Even if it is done by someone with no knowledge of web design.

It would be said if you will, that a WordPress site is created as simple as installing an application on a smartphone. In addition, if you choose your web hosting well, you can create your website with your domain and hosting and you can benefit from support for its realization. What more could you want for your online business?

In WordPress, everything is simple and intuitive. You can add new pages, texts, images, videos, or audio files as needed and as you like. And if at some point you decide that you’re a little tired of the current theme, change the design with just a few clicks.

Social media. How does it help you?

Be social! That would be the exhortation of the age in which we live. Because, regardless of the online business profile, it is mandatory to use the most important online communication and promotion tools to boost your success. They allow you to stay in touch with and interact with your audience to increase your conversion rate.

Yes, we are talking here about Facebook, as the main social media platform. Can you afford not to be there? Not really.

And yes, we’re talking about YouTube. Especially since it is the second search engine, after Google, and a source of traffic with huge potential.

Your own blog, can be online business too

And last but not least, we are talking about your online business blog. It is recommended that the blog be a separate page within your site and not a standalone site. This is the place to regularly publish relevant and quality content related to your online business. Google will reward you with indexing, the reader with sales. But make sure that when you choose your web hosting, you can benefit, among other things, from the possibility of hosting a blog on that server.

If you want to start a new blog, I have gathered 5 essential steps to follow.

And if you’re wondering if the blog is still a viable solution for 2021, or for years to come, find out you don’t have to worry. The blog will remain popular for a long time to come, even if the type of content you publish will be different. Video content will definitely become more and more important, so what matters most is adapting to the expectations of your target audience.

As an online business, the blog is also an important source of income. There are multiple ways you can monetize a WordPress blog, from guest posts, affiliate marketing to Google Adsense, and more.

Of course, all social media accounts should lead to your site and vice versa.


See, there’s really nothing complicated about starting an online business today! You choose your domain, your hosting, you create your website, you promote it! And if you get stuck somewhere on this road, you have specialists to call for help.

If you want to know even more about how to do business online, stay tuned. In the next article, we talk leisurely about what you need to know about web hosting. In addition, on the blog page, you will find articles dedicated to business ideas at the beginning of the road, as well as about optimizing WordPress sites.

You can start you business now. 👇

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