How to be an entrepreneur and turn your ideas into business?


What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who creates a new business, who presents the most risks and enjoys the most rewards. The entrepreneur is usually seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services and/or business processes.

Sometimes, no matter how much you earn in the company you work for, in what position you are, or at what point in your life, you have that feeling that something is missing. You are the model employee, you rigorously and scrupulously fulfill your daily duties, so that every month you have at least the satisfaction of a salary and a job. It’s comfortable and (almost) safe. Still, it’s like you want something else, something for yourself.

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Old passions, bold dreams… can all be business ideas. Anytime. Here’s how.

Get out of your comfort zone

When it comes to starting a business, the biggest danger is getting stuck right at the beginning. Entrepreneurship is first and foremost about the courage to start. And maybe it’s better to make that decision suddenly, just like a smoker decides one day to quit smoking. Suddenly, drastically and firmly.

Then, to have the courage, it’s good not to weigh too much. Hypnoanalysis and conservation instinct may pull you back and keep you in the comfort that doesn’t bring you complete satisfaction.

Small passions can give birth to big business ideas

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In the beginning, it was a business idea. It all starts here and has to do not only with what you would like to do but with what you know how to do, that something you are good at. Give him some entrepreneurial form and invest in him your time, your resources, your know-how.

Build an online presence starting from the creation of your own site, which will present and represent you. Be present online, even if you don’t sell directly there. Provide services; make a presentation site! You create clothes; make an online store!

The most successful business ideas were born from passions, some seemingly insignificant, banal. Who would have imagined, for example, that the passion for cooking of a housewife (from us) will turn into an online brand with millions of views and that her video recipes will be so sought after and loved? That’s about it.

With desires and without (too much) money

Few people, when they set out, also have the money needed to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. Everything is done in time, with limited resources at the beginning.

In fact, desire and ambition are, at first, greater than the resources at your disposal. And it’s normal, even healthy, to be like that. Financial needs will challenge your creativity and management ability, giving you the impetus to discover new solutions, to adapt, to innovate, to reinvent yourself to achieve your goals. Every problem, every stalemate makes you stronger by solving it.

In addition, keep in mind that online is much more accessible than offline. If your business idea involves making leather accessories, for example, it is less expensive to sell them online than to open a physical store.

Dare, breakthrough

You know, it’s not the end of the world if everything doesn’t go smoothly and you don’t succeed at first. A study by CITR Group shows that 92% of business people who encounter failure give up entrepreneurship. But this is the simplest path, but also the one that puts an end to your dream, denying it any other chance of success.

Perseverance is the key, and the history of entrepreneurship is full of evidence in this regard. Henry Ford is an example. Before having glory and making history he experienced multiple failures and bankruptcy 5 times. So is Bill Gates. Dismissed from Harvard, he put his hopes in a bankrupt business, only to create today’s giant, Microsoft. But perhaps the most inspiring story is that of Colonel Sanders. His chicken recipe, which later brought KFC chain fame, was turned down by 1009 restaurants.

So do what you know best, and most importantly, do it well. Profit and success do not exist in the absence of quality, not in the long run.

Online and offline

No matter what passions you want to turn into business ideas, today they can no longer exist without online exposure. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking of selling your products exclusively through a physical store or dedicating yourself to the service area and relying on verbal recommendations. Online must exist even offline.

To create an online extension of your business and make it speak to the world in your absence, 24/24! It’s simple: choose a domain, hosting and upload the site to the internet. You don’t even have to worry if you can’t figure them all out online. There are solutions at hand and specialists ready to take such burdens off your head.

Some business ideas to get you thinking

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to business ideas. The important thing is to create the perfect mix between what you like to do, what you know how to do and what you can sell. Below are just a few suggestions to keep you thinking:

Organic products – there is a clear trend towards a return to nature, towards less processed and healthier goods. Whether it’s food or cosmetics, the trend is the same. Hence the potential success of a business in this niche.

Home beauty services – make-up, hairstyle, manicure, anything related to the beauty area. For all those who take care of themselves, but without time.

Consulting services – just about anything from wellness consulting to travel consulting, financial consulting, and personal development.

Creating handmade accessories and interior decorations – in a super mechanized and technological era, things made by hand are valued again. The more unique, creative, and attractive, the more successful.

Organizing events – It could be the ideal business if you are yourself organized and very attentive to details. There are many possibilities here – from conferences and training to corporate events and parties of all kinds – and the profit is even 50%.

Real estate management services – a less common business, but profitable and suitable for those with administrative skills and an appetite for real estate. An attractive service especially for foreigners who buy real estate and land then offer them for rent and who need someone to manage everything from finding tenants to collecting rent and making related payments.

Pet boarding houses – for all those animal lovers who want to go on holiday in peace.

Mobile application development – is perhaps the most profitable and least risky of business ideas. And that’s because there is a very high demand in this direction, and the price for making an application is a few thousand dollars. Your costs? Some time, electricity and investment in your own training.


But don’t forget, the best business ideas are born from passions and are also fed from there. So, come on, take your passion in your teeth and step on the path of entrepreneurship! No unnecessary worries! In the age of the internet, nothing is more complicated, as long as you have specialists who can help you.

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