How To Create A Personal Brand Online – 5 Strong Tips

personal brand online

How to create a personal brand online?

Having a personal brand online means that you are already on the right way. If you are thinking of taking the step from employee to entrepreneurship, from the corporate office to your own office, you could not choose a better time.

Nowadays, people use the internet not only to find information about products or companies but also to find out about certain people and their careers.

Not infrequently, the credibility of a brand is also given by the credibility of the person behind it. So, a good start-up strategy, which could give you even more courage to be your own employee, is to first build a strong personal online brand, which will then help you create your own business.

Define your personal brand

It is the first and most important thing to do when you make the decision to outline a personal brand online. It is practically a question of answering the question:

“What exactly do I want to be known and recognized for?”

Skills, know-how, experience – reflect on everyone and everyone and choose what defines you best.

Every personal brand needs that feature that makes it recognizable. Thus, in this stage of creating your personal brand, rely on those personal elements that differentiate you from others. Look for your uniqueness and highlight what you have to offer.

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Buy a domain online

Once you have defined a personal brand, make it your own brand on the internet. In other words, register it online. Turn to web hosting professionals to make sure your personal brand starts right in the “www” world.

To choose the domain, you can choose either your name (safe version) or a creative word or combination of keywords related to your personal brand. But be careful not to be too long, too difficult to read or memorize, and especially to be free, as each area is unique. Just like trademarks.

Check domain name availability using the search box on the Bluehost homepage.

Also, opt for an extension of your domain that is known and enjoys credibility, such as .com, .net, .org

Choose the right communication channel

Social media is a great tool to boost your personal brand, but your personal website gives you more flexibility, more control, and maximum awareness. To be sure of success, it is good to use the strengths of both.

But there is also a middle ground, which you can use for a while. It’s called web forwarding and involves redirecting your domain name to a social media page. In other words, you can buy a domain to promote on social media, even if you do not currently have a website.

By making certain settings on the account where you registered your domain, anyone who accesses it will be automatically redirected to your social media page (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

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In this way, you ensure, on the one hand, the use of the name of the domain you want, but you also increase its credibility, building a personal brand around it.

When you are ready to create a website, your domain will already enjoy certain notoriety and credibility, as it has been permanently connected to your social media account.

If you want a presentation site, you will need to use web design services. Most likely a free WordPress theme will not be enough for what you want.

However, you can create a website with minimal costs. If your budget is limited, don’t worry. You can always use WordPress, an affordable solution for start-up businesses. In this regard, see what are the most popular free WordPress themes.

Be consistent

Consistency is essential to gain notoriety and trust. Just like corporate brands that have a branding manual that guides and directs their communications, so does your personal brand need to follow a set of basic principles and messages.

Depending on the communication channels you have chosen, keep in mind that the transmission of messages to your audience should be done properly and with a certain frequency.

For example, if Facebook is your main communication channel, always do it in the style specific to your personal brand and communicate once a day.

On the other hand, if you use email marketing to make yourself known, the daily frequency would be extremely risky, your audience is bored, if not really bothered, by too many emails.

Also, to add an extra note of professionalism to your personal brand, create a personalized email address, such as myname@brandname. com. In this way, you increase your credibility in front of those you address. Emails sent from Yahoo or Gmail addresses, although they can be well written, will reduce your credibility

It may seem minor, but attention to detail does matter.

Don’t forget to create a buyer persona profile – a list of sketching a robot portrait for your target audience. From behavior, financial situation, social status, interests to needs, and purchase intentions, you will know everything about your potential customers.

Create a podcast

In recent years, the content available online has begun to take on more and more forms. In this context, the so-called podcasts also appeared.

What is a podcast? Simply put, it is a kind of online radio or TV channel structured on a certain topic and which, as a rule, answers the question “how?”, Over a series of episodes. Users of a site can download the files in real-time, but they can also listen to them offline.

This is a relatively new but great way to build your online brand. It allows you to be very creative, but also to position yourself as an authority in your field.

The basic idea is that the content you create, be it video or just audio, be relaxed, accessible as a form of presentation. It can be an interview with someone in your field or simply a presentation made by you, with useful tips.

The recipe for success: make easy-to-understand presentations, even from complicated topics, and add a touch of humor.

The best part: podcasts are about to become the next big thing online and it’s good to be on the wave.

Online presence is an extremely important component and not only for business but also for you as a person. So get out of the crowd and make your mark on the internet by creating a personal brand. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with Google and all interested parties. Buy a domain, secure your online space and show the world what you have to offer!

People need examples and they certainly can’t wait to find out more about your personal brand!

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