9 Advantages of creating a site on WordPress!

9 Advantages of creating a site

What are the 9 Advantages of creating a site on WordPress? We will find in the lines bellow.

In business it is like in life. Every decision, step, word or action you take can bring you success or, conversely, failure. If you have already thought about starting a business, then you have certainly weighed what are the best decisions to carry out your plans.

We suspect that you already know the importance of the online environment for any type of business. Regardless of the field in which you operate, the site is one of the essential pillars. Without it, it’s like driving a car with a broken engine. Complicated, isn’t it?

Such a scenario could happen if you do not consider creating a site in advance. And as the platform on which it is to be hosted is crucial in turn, in the following we will show you the advantages of having a WordPress site.

For starters, you need to know that the WordPress platform is a recommended option for various types of business, from presentation sites, blogs to online stores. More details on hosting an online store on WordPress can be found in a this article. Until then, let’s return to the discussion about the benefits of a site on the WordPress platform.

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How does creating a site in WordPress will help you?

1. Platform flexibility

Whatever your tastes or overview of your website image, WordPress gives you a variety of designs, themes and colors. Consequently, it is almost impossible not to find something that you like and that resonates with the way you want to communicate with your future customers.

For example, if you want certain pages on the site to have a distinct design or a diverse color palette, WordPress gives you this possibility easily. However, our advice is to aim for a uniform, visually pleasing website.

2. Adaptable to mobile devices

9 Advantages of creating a site on WordPress

In this digital age, most people use mobile phones to perform various searches, so desktop use has remained secondary. Therefore, it has become a necessity for all sites to be created so that their design adapts to smartphones to be simple and easy to navigate.

WordPress includes themes and options that make it easier to create the site in a way that adapts to browsing on mobile devices. Moreover, a WordPress site automatically recognizes whether a user is accessing it from their mobile or desktop and automatically configures content based on context.

3. Increases organic optimization

The simple language used to create a website on WordPress contributes to a good indexing of the site’s content. That’s why search engines like Google can easily index and read such websites and list them as high as possible in organic searches.

Of course, to contribute to better optimization, WordPress gives you the ability to add meta titles, meta descriptions and keywords to both the pages on the site and the articles you intend to post.

Moreover, this functionality tells you exactly what kind of improvements need to be made if the meta is not appropriate or the keywords are not found in certain sections of the site content.

To search for keywords, you can take a look at this free Google keyword tool.

4. Variety of plugins / extensions

Whenever your website needs new functionality, you can be sure that the WordPress platform is your reliable help. Therefore, the beautification of the site is as easy as possible.

By simply installing plugins (extensions), you can add a variety of new features and functionality so that your requirements are met and your business is visible in the online environment. One of the most common plugins is SEO by SE Rankings or SemRush which tells you if the pages on the site and the articles you publish are optimized correctly or not.

5. Constant updates

Any website is like a car. It needs continuous maintenance to last over time and to perform. That’s why one of the great benefits of WordPress is the constant updates. They can be performed both manually and automatically depending on the desired settings.

In this way, you have the certainty that your site works in optimal conditions and that it offers a pleasant and relevant experience to your visitors.

6. Site security

The WordPress platform provides a high degree of security to the sites and saves you from worrying about suspicious activities. It is important to mention here that the experience of the team you work with to create the site is crucial for configuring its security features.

So, since we talk about security, you can read about: What is SSL certificate and how do you install it?

7. Integration of social media buttons

It is said that Sharing is Caring, meaning the information you want to pass on would be lost if it could not be shared with others. But, with the help of WordPress, you can easily add distribution buttons to social networks at the end of an article.

So, once you post an article on the blog and it is read by the target audience, the readers in question will be able to promote the content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other networks, depending on the options inserted.

8. Intuitive administration interface

Even people who are unfamiliar with the IT field can easily manage a WordPress site. The interface of the platform is intuitive, so if you want to change the content of certain pages yourself or publish an article, you can do it in a few simple steps.

Don’t worry that mistakes may occur that will damage the website, as menus and commands are named explicitly, and on YouTube you can find various tutorials that you can view whenever you need to.

9. Greater control

Unlike traditional websites, a WordPress site gives you more authority over the comments that appear at the end of your blog posts. So, before any comment can be displayed, it must be approved by the site administrator. Therefore, you can easily filter people’s opinions, especially those that are unfounded and gritty.

You can also decide who you can access. It could be the people you collaborate with and who take care of the maintenance of the site or the publication of articles.

We hope this list of benefits of creating a site, gives you the confidence you need to opt for a WordPress site.

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