How to increase the conversion rate on your site?

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Every business owner is interested in measuring their success in the online environment. One of the best indicators to keep in mind is the conversion rate. You’ve probably heard of this phrase before. If you do not know exactly what it means, we have prepared a simple explanation.

Conversion rate is the ratio of the number of people who perform a particular action you want on your site to the total number of visitors over a period of time.

If a visitor acts the way the website owner wants, that is, responds to a call-to-action, then we are dealing with a conversion.

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Some examples of conversions are:

  • Click on a specific banner on the site
  • Completing a form
  • Order a product (in the case of online stores)
  • Subscribe to newsletters
  • Request for quotation (in the case of presentation sites)

Here are some steps you can take to increase the conversion rate of your site and, by default, the number of subscribers or sales (if you have an online store and sell products or sell services).

Steps to increase the conversion rate on your site:

1. Use valuable sentences

One way to increase your conversion rate is to include so-called value sentences on your site. Whether we refer to the text for a free course, the text of a banner or the subscription form, these sentences are the main reason why a customer makes a conversion.

They answer questions like “Why buy from you?” or “What benefits will I get?”

To develop a persuasive value proposition, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, to offer tangible, measurable and time-oriented benefits to your visitors. For example, in the case of a free course, you can use phrases like “Find out in 5 simple steps how you can grow your business in just 6 months”.

If you have an online store, you can focus on the unique benefits of your products and services over those of your competition.

2. Includes personalized messages

This suggestion is mainly for online stores, but can also be implemented for other types of sites. Whether you’re running email marketing campaigns, texting paid ads on Facebook, or persuasive texting for free download and subscription forms, it’s important to think strategically about your chosen message.

Every consumer should feel that you are only talking to him, that you are attentive to his needs and offer him customized solutions.

Therefore, if the potential consumer is attracted to your message and feels comfortable about the product or service you are selling, then you will increase your conversion rate and get him to act the way you want (to complete orders, to download your materials etc.)

One little known thing is that marketing studies have shown that personalized emails with the name of the consumer in the title are open up to 26% more than those with standardized language.

3. Think of an effective sales funnel

You’re probably wondering what a sales funnel is. If you haven’t heard of this term yet, don’t worry, we’ll explain in a few words what it is and why it’s important to your business.

sales funnel by #findtheblogger

When we say sales funnel, we are thinking about the buying process that each company goes through with their potential customers before they make the actual decision to buy a product. Access to a free guide or subscription to a newsletter, for example, can be considered part of a sales funnel.

In order to increase your conversion rate, it is important that you, as a site administrator, think of the site so that a visitor can find and purchase the desired product / service in as few clicks as possible.

Depending on the case, a sales funnel can be longer or shorter.

Here are some examples of sales funnels:

  • Homepage – pop-up with opt-in – newsletter subscription – email 1 – email 2 – service page – offer request form
  • Homepage – services page – contact page

4. Provides evidence

In order to increase the credibility and trust that you enjoy from your customers, you need to provide evidence of the quality of the products, services, or other resources you provide. You have to start from the premise that people are skeptical and you have to be convinced not only of creative texts, but also of tangible evidence.

That’s why it’s important to include statistics, customer testimonials, case studies, or practical demonstrations on your site.

5. Use an attractive design

Whether we’re referring to the site in general, the structure of a landing page, pop-up, or form, or the colors of a call-to-action button, it’s important to create an attractive design for the target audience you’re targeting.

attractive design by #findtheblogger

One thing you may not know is that people are influenced by the colors of a site when they make a purchase. If you are not sure which colors to choose for your site, you can try several options and measure the results.

6. Find relevant insights about your customers

In order to be able to increase your conversion rate, the last thing to consider, but certainly not the last is the in-depth knowledge of your customers, from demographic data (in which age segment they fall, where they are located geographically, etc.) to relevant insights (their interests, problems, needs, concerns).

Both the persuasive texts and the visual materials used must have this target audience in mind, attract them, speak their language and provide them with a quick solution to a problem they have. The conversion rate of your site will increase if you provide the services or solutions needed by the target audience.


If you don’t know how to find this in-depth information, one tool I highly recommend is Google Analytics. I invite you to learn more about it in our article, “How to use Google Analytics and what are the most important indicators.”

These are just a few tips to consider to increase your business conversion rate and enjoy more online success.

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