How To Apply A Brand Awareness Strategy On Your WordPress Site?

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Brand awareness strategies may sound familiar to you. If not, you should start reading more about this area because you need as much information as possible.

An active online presence does not automatically guarantee the success you aim for. Even if you have followed all the recommended steps to create a brand that inspires confidence, you still have a lot to do.

In short, it’s about how you make others associate certain products or services with your brand image. And the faster you manage to impress your potential customers, the better.

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The ultimate goal?

I could say that it is increasing the direct traffic to your WordPress site. It has the highest conversion rate.

In other words, online users need to search directly for your products knowing that your brand is the best in that field. In this way, you eliminate the competition and ensure a maximum profit, no matter how you count it.

And these rules apply both to online stores and to personal blogs. It all comes down to how well known a particular brand is; in short, brand awareness.

So, let’s see how you can apply a brand awareness strategy when using a WordPress site.

Use the WordPress platform to implement a brand awareness plan

WordPress is an expanding open-source platform. Open-source means that any developer or programmer has access to the source code and can modify it.

That’s why we have so many modules and plugins at hand that we can change the functionality of our sites. Everything without learning programming languages.

Find out which are the most important WordPress plugins you need to use.

Another advantage that WordPress offers is the flexibility in applying web design solutions. Depending on what we want, we will definitely find ways to turn plans into applications that can be integrated into basic WordPress functionality.

In the case of brand awareness plans, we are talking about several possibilities. I will summarize the most important of them in the lines below.

Buyer Persona profile

You can’t create a brand awareness strategy on your WordPress site if you don’t know your target audience. Therefore, before starting any other activity, you must start by defining the buyer persona profile.

By buyer persona, you need to understand the main features of your potential customers – of course, if you have a blog the customers are your readers.

Point out the expectations of those who would access your site. What they want to find in your brand and especially what are their biggest fears.

As soon as you have a clear vision of these things you will be able to look at your services with different eyes.

Do they manage to speak the language of your customers? Do they respond to users’ fears?

The brand awareness strategy will start from these conclusions and will be followed by other activities that derive from this point.

Learn how to create a buyer persona profile for your business.

About Us Page

The About Us page should be your online business card. On this page you create the brand identity, give it a story and give it a form that inspires trust.

The more detailed, natural, and friendly it is, the more it will help increase the authority of your brand.

If you have a team behind the brand, provide details about each colleague. Describe the function of each, contact details, a brief description, and information about passions and other issues that could bring him closer to the reader or the client.

In the online environment, it is important to have fun. It’s like reality: you trust a friend who shares your values and passions more than a stranger you know nothing about.

Try to vary the type of content on this page. I recommend using pictures, videos, and any other graphic that could help create a profile as truthful as possible.

SEO strategy

As always, it is useless to have quality content if it is not read by whoever matters. And here comes the SEO analysis.

Your WordPress site needs to be listed in the top search engine results. Otherwise, all your work is in vain.

Use Google’s keyword planner, use Google Analytics and Search Console, and follow the steps of an SEO audit.

Learn how to optimize your content to have a site better indexed by Google analytics algorithms – also called Page Quality Rating.

I have already told you about all these things in our previous articles. On the Findtheblogger`s blog, you will find almost everything you need to know about SEO analysis, reports, and effective optimizations to implement a brand awareness strategy.

Once you understand what the online behavior of the target audience is and after you have done a detailed SEO analysis, it is time to move on to the practical part.

Turn your findings into activities based on existing content on your WordPress website.

Don’t forget to keep in mind the content marketing trends specific to 2021 and which will continue next year.

In short, online users have become increasingly dynamic. They look for experiences very close to what they find in everyday life.

Your approach must be free, direct, and friendly. As you do when you have a dialogue with a close friend.

Use explanatory images and videos. Don’t forget graphs, statistics, infographics, and other similar elements that are based on studies and figures.

Professionalism and experience in the field of activity help to strengthen the brand. Everything you do conveys confidence and added value. Your brand is gradually built on the feedback you receive from your customers. Try to thank as many as possible and do not abandon those who are not exactly satisfied with your services.

In short, stay present and persevere.

WordPress maintenance

An important aspect when we talk about brand awareness is related to continuity. In this regard, you will need to ensure WordPress maintenance for your site.

By maintenance, you do not have to understand only the provision of hosting services.

Maintenance refers to a combination of extremely varied activities. And here we can include monthly operations such as:

  • WordPress and theme updates.
  • Updates plug-ins and modules.
  • Identify functionality errors and fix them in a timely manner.
  • Tracing new directions for site development and basic functionality.
  • Monthly SEO audit to identify organic growth opportunities.
  • Follow-up for existing customers.
  • Analysis of Google Analytics and Search Console reports.
  • WordPress site performance analysis and load speed optimization.

I told you more about this data in a previous article on monthly WordPress maintenance.


As you can see, there is a lot to do when it comes to brand awareness strategies in WordPress. And, the more you go into details, the more you discover other activities that fit the business profile you develop.

That’s why it’s important to have a clear vision of your business. This must be the starting point.

Then, you need to know your target audience, what they expect from you, and especially what their fears are.

Next, each solution you apply must come in response to the challenges already clarified. Of course, do not forget about the schedule of activities to follow a well-established plan. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in details that will delay the results you expect.

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