How a Dedicated IP Address and SSL Certificate Affect Organic Traffic (SEO)?

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What do you think of when you hear the term “SEO”? What should you focus on when you want to improve your site’s organic traffic? Is that certificate everyone is talking about, good for something?

All these questions are constantly looking for a concrete answer, but without much luck, because, over time, Google’s algorithm also changes. Moreover, it is enhanced to include all the latest in the world of technology.

Even if I cannot promise the persistence of the solutions written in this article, I will try to clarify how things are at the end of 2021 regarding two essential factors that influence the ranking of your pages in search engine results, especially Google. The 2 factors that I will discuss, I assume you have already caught, are the dedicated IP address and the SSL certificate, which I talked about a bit, but I would like to make a few more additions.

1. Dedicated IP address

I can definitely say that every online business uses a hosting company and most of the time they don’t pay much attention to the type of IP address that is assigned to their web hosting account. There are two types of IP addresses in the web hosting industry and they are:

  • Dedicated IP address: this means that a site has its own IP address. Even if you use the URL of the site or even the unique IP designated for that address, they will bring you to the same website.
  • Shared IP address: This means that there are many websites that have the same address, and the hosting server determines the requested website by the URL you entered.

I have to admit that there is controversy around dedicated IP addresses from an SEO campaign perspective and questions about the validity of the dedicated IP address as a stimulus to search engine rankings.

The truth is that a dedicated IP address from your hosting company would not directly influence the SEO ranking, but will increase the loading speed of the site, which is an essential criterion for ranking algorithms (both Google and Bing).

So, a dedicated IP can lead to an increase in site speed, which is equal to “better SEO” (if you allow me to put it that way) for your site. Here are the most important benefits of using a dedicated IP address:

  • You can have your own private SSL certificate: This certificate is an important ranking factor for sites that want to rank keywords in the top results of the Google search engine. Google crawlers are designed to index a site with an SSL certificate and to encourage the use of secure channel websites.
  • Increasing performance and security: For websites that attract huge web traffic, using a dedicated IP address would be the best option, as a shared IP address would be used by thousands of other sites that lead to problems severe techniques such as constant server failure and site interruption.

Ssl certificate

2. SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is required for e-commerce businesses and other online companies that collect personal information from customers. However, to use an SSL certificate on your site you need a dedicated or static IP address.

SSL e-commerce businesses

An SSL certificate is a security token used to protect private information traveling on online channels. They provide security to customers and build business confidence by simply the presence of the lock icon.

As we discussed earlier in the case of the dedicated IP address, we will also focus on the benefits of an SSL certificate. They are not limited to the SEO department, providing security for the site owner and trust to his visitors.

  • Better ranking in Google: On August 6, 2014, the security of web users was addressed directly, with Google officially announcing that HTTPS will become a key ranking factor for search engine results.
  • Advanced security: An SSL certificate protects your domain names and emails from various scams. As a business, we are sure that you do not want someone to clone your site to obtain personal information, but with a proper SSL certificate, this will become exponentially harder.
  • Encryption: Using an SSL certificate, your site encrypts the information collected from your visitors and customers. The Internet is made up of a network of computers whose information transmissions can be intercepted, but an SSL certificate encrypts the information that flows to the recipient.
  • Trust: Using an SSL certificate with the lock icon or green bar would increase trust in your business as 29% of customers search for the green bar before making a purchase or releasing sensitive information. Increasing trust implicitly leads to increased sales and conversion.


To get on the first page of results from various search engines you have to respect a lot of important factors and you will definitely need a dedicated IP and an SSL certificate for the security and trust of your customers. Implementing any of the above will bring about positive changes in your organic traffic.

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