Why should you Choose HubSpot for your business?

If you would like to work actively and effectively with the inbound marketing mindset, there are several reasons why HubSpot can be the perfect solution for both the marketing, sales, service and IT departments in your company. Read along here and find out why.

Inbound marketing and HubSpot

You may have already heard of “inbound” before – but what is it really? Inbound is one way you can grow your business. It is based on the fact that you must create meaningful, lasting relationships with your potential and existing customers through valuable content and experiences, thereby enabling them to achieve their goals, regardless of where they are in the customer journey. Because when your customers succeed, you succeed.

The HubSpot CRM platform is a full suite of software built with the purpose of supporting the inbound approach and thus helping you – and your customers – to become even better.

The all-in-one solution

Ideally, your internal teams should be able to collaborate to support the inbound experience throughout the customer journey in a streamlined way. But often the reality will be that friction in coordination and inefficiency in processes lead to challenges that can ultimately mean that your customers have a less positive experience with your company than they should.

HubSpot’s Hub solutions

HubSpot offers solutions for four different business areas – Marketing, Sales, Service and Operations – so-called Hubs.


Attract valuable leads.

Create and manage content, capture leads and nurture them until they become qualified and sales-ready.


Turn leads into customers.

Engage potential customers, demonstrate the value of your product or service, and close deals.


Turn customers into ambassadors.

Solve potential customer problems and give them an extraordinary experience that turns them into advocates for your brand.


Make sure your systems work optimally together.

Connect apps, automate processes, and bring teams together around one source of customer data to avoid inconsistencies.

Different levels for different needs

All four HubSpot solutions can be chosen at different levels depending on your needs and the size of your business.

  • Free of charge
  • Starting
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

The more advanced a solution you choose, the more functions will naturally be available. You can read much more about the various Hubs on HubSpot’s own website. Otherwise, you can always contact us, and then together we can review your needs and ambitions and find out which solution matches you perfectly.

From purchase funnel to flywheel: The customer journey has become circular

The flywheel is a model created by HubSpot to explain the momentum you achieve when you successfully bring your entire company together to create the best customer experience.

With the flywheel, you take advantage of the momentum created by your happy customers to create referrals, references and additional sales. Essentially, you ensure that your business has momentum by bringing your entire organization together to create exceptional customer experiences that continuously deliver satisfied customers.

The idea is that when you incorporate the inbound marketing approach as part of your foundation, where you focus on attracting, engaging and satisfying customers, you are constantly developing your flywheel, which leads to an even better customer experience. And so it continues…

Flywheel Gif HubSpot

Briefly about the individual HubSpot Hubs


HubSpot CRM


HubSpot Marketing


HubSpot Sales


HubSpot Service


HubSpot CMS


Operations HubSpot

Need more knowledge about HubSpot? Then read more in our blog post about what HubSpot is and what it actually contains.

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