White Label Branding – 10 plugins you must use

White Label Branding

How to make a brand and what is the White Label Branding process

How white label branding works: Your neighborhood supermarket has its own products in addition to the products of other brands. These own products are cheaper compared to other products sold under a well-known brand. Do you think that means that the supermarket makes its own products?

Well, the answer is no. The products are manufactured by companies contracted by the supermarket so that they are made under its brand. The supermarket chain gives its customers the impression that they are creating their own products.

This process is not just dedicated to supermarkets. All companies, regardless of industry, use it.

Think of those who create electronics and parts for your phone, for your computer, and so on. They make these products under their own name, but also under the name of those with whom they have contracts.

By the way, the white-label process is not restricted to physical products. It is also practiced among digital products.

In this article, we will explain the white label branding process, how it works in WordPress and how it can help you make a brand. We will explore some plugins that help you in this situation and which you can find them on Code Canyon.

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WordPress sites can have various functions such as content management. The nice part is that you can customize this part as you want to reflect the brand of your customers using white label branding plugins. You can make a brand by putting the logo and your or your customers’ texts.

How the White Label Branding process works with WordPress?

Here’s how the White Label Branding process works for digital products: You buy digital services and products, put your brand on and then resell these products and services as if they were your own.

White Label Branding for WordPress is different.

White label branding for WordPress Developers

As a developer, you may have many clients. This means that you have to create their website so that it reflects their unique brand. Coding a new WordPress installation from scratch, every time can take a lot of time and money.

So, there are solutions that offer you a structure for both the front and the back that you can use for different clients. You just have to change certain elements that represent the specific customer’s brand.

This means changing the logo, graphics, motto, name, and content that identifies each brand. And, you must remove the standard logo and graphics. Don’t forget the standard information that comes with WordPress.

Most of the time, the clients of a WordPress developer are fascinated by the control panel that they would not normally see at another site. But your client’s customers see the front of the site that represents the public image of the company.

In another hand, the site owners will often enter the control panel to manage their content, images, and so on. Each time they log in, they will see their own brand reflected and not the default WordPress messages.

The complete customization of both the control panel and the front of the site is very important. It offers a total reflection for the client’s business both from his perspective and from the perspective of his clients and his employees. This experience and satisfaction will be reflected on you as well.

How to make a brand with the help of the White-Label Branding process?

The process can be done manually or using certain plugins.

The manual process includes changes to your WordPress theme, in the PHP files. You must include codes that perform the following:

  • replacing WordPress logos with client logos;
  • replacing standard authentication images with client ones;
  • header replacement;
  • customizing the menu from the control panel;
  • replacing the text in the footer with the client’s own brand words.

If you do not have programming or coding knowledge, the manual method of this process may be impossible. The same goes for experienced developers who do not have time.

Of course, you don’t have to do all of the above manually. There are plugins that can help you.

What do White Label Branding plugins do?

  • It gives you the ability to control and transform the design of the control panel;
  • Helps you customize the WordPress control panel without programming/coding;
  • It come with extensive documentation to help you in the customization process.

You can completely transform the control panel design along with its menu, header, logo, footer, forms, and standard WordPress messages.

Plugins that help you create a brand through white label branding

We will present the best 10 perfect plugins for the white label branding process. All are paid and can be found on Code Canyon. There is the possibility to get a free plugin/script every month after the monthly rotation in which such a plugin is offered.

To find all the plugins that offer help in this branding process use the white-label branding link. This will take you directly to the WordPress script category and white label branding search.

As a bonus, we recommend the Menu by User Role plugin.

This plugin gives you control over the menus on WordPress sites. You have the power to:

  • create a public menu;
  • you have a menu only for the authenticated ones;
  • create a separate menu for each user role defined in your site.

In addition, you can create a custom navigation that can replace the default navigation. To perform this navigation, you must register it in the functions.php file of the activated theme.

You can easily add categories, pages, custom links, and menu items. You can also create multi-level menus with a few clicks and organize them using the drag and drop function of the mouse. We recommend using this plugin in conjunction with White Label Branding.

List of plugins that help you make a brand

On CodeCanyon you will find the most useful plugins that help you create a brand. These are called white-label plugins as I wrote in the previous article. With them, you can customize, in particular, the WordPress control panel so that the messages, menus, and images that define the desired brand appear.

White Label Branding for Multisite

White Label Branding for Multisite lets you control the branding process of the main site, but also of the sites in the same network of sites. All must be built through WordPress Multisite.

With this plugin you can:

  • customize each site in the network according to the corresponding brand;
  • edit the menus for the editor role;
  • replace the WordPress logo in the control panel and in the authentication form;
  • add custom boxes visible only to publishers or all users with a welcome or help message.

White Label Branding for WordPress (Single Site)

The White Label Branding plugin gives you maximum power for the WordPress administration and authentication panel.

Can you:

  • customize menus, logos, and control panel;
  • change the color scheme of the entire panel;
  • create your own authentication template;
  • create new roles with specific permissions.

Not only that, but you can decide what features may be available for each administrator by listening to the extra ones.

You can even create a fake administrator account. This account can be useful when you want to give someone admin access, but permissions are limited. The real administrators will be hidden from the list of users and therefore the fake ones will never know of their existence.

White Label Login for WordPress

White Label Login simplifies the process of customizing the WordPress authentication form.

It offers you the following styles for authentication:

  • slides;
  • push notifications;
  • and modal elements.

In addition, you can also:

  • customize emails for password registration and reset;
  • customize the authentication and de-authentication links according to the user’s role;
  • enter dynamic authentication and de-authentication links in the WordPress menu;
  • enter dynamic buttons with their own content using shortcodes;
  • rewrite the rules for the wp-admin.php and wp-login.php files;
  • create a record using the social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Live;
  • edit CSS using its visual editor to change colors and fonts – over 600 Google fonts are supported.


WpAlter completely changes the visual style of the WordPress control panel depending on the desired theme.

Using this plugin, you can:

  • delete WordPress text and logo;
  • create your own login pages;
  • hide, rename or arrange menu items according to the role of each user;
  • to personalize emails.

This plugin is compatible with Visual Composer, WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache, Contact Form 7, and WooCommerce.

Material Admin

A plugin compatible with the multisite part of WordPress that comes with:

  • 100 elegant themes to customize and style the site as you wish;
  • 20 pieces for the control panel regarding the site and visitor statistics;
  • LTR and RTL modes so that the panel can be used for any foreign language;
  • the possibility to arrange menus and submenus;
  • the ability to change the icon menu;
  • the possibility to activate or deactivate menus and submenus;
  • the possibility to completely change the authentication form.

Legacy Admin

Legacy Admin is an advanced feature-rich plugin for the WordPress control panel.

It comes with:

  • 20 customizable themes;
  • customizable themes for the login form;
  • menu management;
  • customizations for basement, admin bar, logo and favicon;
  • compatibility with RTL and LTR translations;
  • ease of installation.

Slate Pro

With Slate Pro, you can:

  • reimagine WordPress with a simpler and cleaner design;
  • change or remove WordPress branding;
  • customize with your colors;
  • With this plugin, your customers will not know that you created the site using WordPress. You can control all sites in the WordPress multi-site network.


WPShapere is one of the most popular plugins used to customize the control panel. It is easy to use, install and does not consume significant resources.

With this very powerful plugin you can:

  • delete the WordPress logo from the admin bar;
  • upload your own logo in the admin bar and the registration form;
  • customize the login page;
  • customize the administration panel with one of the 16 themes provided;
  • delete the default WordPress pieces from the panel;
  • add your own pieces;
  • change links;
  • add your own links;
  • add text, link, and logo in the footer;
  • create restrictions for each user.

Ultra Admin

Ultra Admin is a perfect combination of a theme and a white-label plugin. It can help you make your own design for your WordPress site while branding it. It has over 30 themes built and you can customize the menu, top bar, buttons, text boxes, typography, forms, text, logo, and background.

Other features would be:

  • rearranging the menu and submenu;
  • changing the icon menu;
  • administration of the top bar together with its links;
  • basement customization;
  • setting permissions;
  • customizing the login page.

White Label CMS

About the last one, we can say that this is a free plugin, very popular, taken directly from the WordPress library. If you want to offer your customers a management system that is easier to use and customize, then you can use it for free.

Among its functionalities are:

  • customizing the login page;
  • branding the header and the basement;
  • customizing the control panel;
  • menu control;
  • adding your own messages;
  • restriction to certain menu items.

The plugin can be used in combination with Elementor to facilitate changes to the control panel in the same style in which Elementor builds the front of the site. In addition to White Label CMS, you can add HTML code in the text boxes.

Conclusion for a well-made brand

No matter what and how you do it, make sure you use one of the plugins recommended above. Not only are they popular, but they are also extremely useful and easy to use. In addition, you can do something super unique and original with very little effort.

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