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HubSpot is the platform that can strengthen and grow your company with a heavy focus on inbound marketing and sales. The HubSpot Sales Hub gives you a platform for all your business activities, so you can see when a customer opens your email, track every interaction and organize your activities from the same place. With Sales Hub, you can thus save time in all stages of the sales funnel.

The HubSpot Sales Hub helps you get more structure in your sales work, so you can become better at following up and processing leads efficiently. You get help to build an efficient process, to engage your leads and turn them into customers.

Sales Hub allows you to get a full overview of your leads, automate your tasks, track every interaction when those leads interact with your content, and makes it easy to follow up on leads. By gathering all your sales activities in one place, your work becomes easier and more efficient. And most importantly, you can use this data to have a more relevant conversation with your lead.

Sales Hub is of course integrated with HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot Sales Hub

You don’t have to be a big company with a big budget, or have a lot of customers and contacts in your database, to be able to use HubSpot’s platform. Depending on the needs of your company, there is a solution that covers your needs. And if you grow (Mega cool!), you can upgrade and get new tools and functions that can optimize your sales opportunities.

Optimize your process with HubSpot

HubSpot can be seen as one ecosystem that helps you implement inbound and handles your marketing, sales and service activities. It is all made up of the same system, so that all departments (Marketing, Sales and Service) work in the same place. It must ensure a better handover between the departments, and must result in a better experience for the customers.

Example: Marketing delivers relevant knowledge to customers through blogs and newsletters. Sales can follow which content and emails customers interact with, and thus sales can take hold when the customer is warmest and has the greatest opportunity to convert.

Well, HubSpot simplifies inbound marketing and through a user-friendly platform, it is easy for most people to start attracting visitors, creating leads, and converting them into customers, while at the same time strengthening the relationship with your existing customers. For more on this philosophy, read about inbound Flywheel.

HubSpot offers ‘Hubs’ – packages and platforms that center around HubSpot’s CRM (Btw. CRM is free!). Each package helps improve your company’s marketing, sales and service activities. Each ‘Hub’ is a powerful tool that helps your company to optimize processes and gather activities. Together, the four ‘Hubs’ form an enormously effective tool that strengthens your business and can help it grow.

This software consists of:

  • HubSpot CRM
  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub

Find out more about Sales Hub in this blog post, and read about the different package solutions that can suit your company’s needs.

HubSpot Tools


Get introduced to Hubspot and the inbound marketing, sales and service platform in our guide.


What is HubSpot Sales Hub?

Customers want to do their own online research before making a purchase. This means that companies and sales departments will have to adapt to customers’ new ways of searching for knowledge and buying products/services.

HubSpot Sales Hub gives your sales team (Or sales person) the tools to connect with more leads in the right way. You get tools and functions to automate repetitive processes, create consistency in communication and optimize timing in every interaction. All with a view to your leads converting into customers.

It is the perfect platform to ensure that everyone in your sales team knows the same about leads, so that the same sales pitch is not run twice on the same lead. At the same time, you can see which pages your lead has visited. This means that you know which products they are considering. With that information, you can have a more relevant dialogue.

Sales Hub is closely connected to HubSpot CRM. Do you already use another CRM system, such as Salesforce? So don’t worry, HubSpot has made it easy to integrate existing sales systems with HubSpot Sales Hub. However, you must have Sales Pro or Enterprise if you want to integrate your current system. We will get into the difference between these later.

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HubSpot Sales Hub packages

The barrier to entry to getting started with HubSpot is very easy – it’s actually completely free! Yes, HubSpot is free, so you can just get started now.

Instead of reading about functions, tools and going through recommendations, you can try out Sales Hub’s tools yourself and thus find out whether HubSpot is the perfect match for you and your company’s needs – without swinging your credit card.

You can read more about this free package in the next section. But when you sit with your free package and discover all the smart functions Sales Hub offers, you will probably also encounter problems – it is a free package, and therefore there are also limitations in the package, and you must be aware of that before you start.

We mentioned earlier that Sales Hub has a full palette of sales tools, and they do. Just to different extents and for different packages.

In the next section, you can read much more about what each one contains.

HubSpot Sales Hub has three different solutions:

  • Sales Hub Starter – for smaller teams that want to have their sales activities gathered in one place and need the most important functions to keep sales running
  • Sales Hub Pro – for more experienced salespeople to manage and optimize current sales activities.
  • Sales Hub Enterprise – a full palette of sales tools for large sales teams that need a large contact database.

HubSpot Sales Starter: Improve your sales results

Sales Starter enables smaller or start-up sales teams to increase productivity, shorten the buying process and improve close rates. This is the smallest package of Sales Hub and it also comes with some limitations. This is not to say that Starter is a poor package, it is in no way. If your company is small, your sales team consists of a few people, or you would like to try your hand at lead generation, then Starter is the perfect package for you.

Sales Hub helps you at all levels to improve the work of your sales team. This applies to both small and large integrations and functions. All tools that strengthen your sales activities in the big picture.

With Sales Starter you get the basic tools for sales. You can only associate one user, but you still get a good insight into how Sales Hub can help you automate, collect and optimize your sales activities.

Whether you have Starter, Pro or Enterprise, you get the same features that you get in HubSpot CRM.

You get e.g. a contact database (CRM) which is worth its weight in gold for you. All contacts are updated in your contact database, no matter if it is a new lead or an existing customer. You get access to important knowledge and insight about your contacts, e.g. information such as name, e-mail, telephone number and company, and you get an illustrated timeline of your interactions with this lead and your lead’s interactions with your company – e.g. website visits, e-mail opens, etc.


Learn how free tools can optimize your process. Find out if HubSpot CRM can help you.

Keep reading and learn about some of the features that Sales Starter offers.

Meeting booking

This tool makes it easy for potential leads to book a meeting with you or others in the sales team via your Google calendar or Office 365 calendar. They don’t have to fear being called by a sales person right after filling out a form. No, they decide themselves when and for how long they want to talk to your sales team, by booking a meeting directly in your calendar.

And you will of course be notified when a meeting is booked. You can insert meeting booking in your email to leads, but you can also insert it on your website, as a form of CTA, and encourage visitors to book a meeting with you.


Sales Dashboard

Here you can get an overview of all your sales activities and performance. You can e.g. see the tasks you’ve been assigned, the deals you’ve created yourself, and your overall productivity. You get to expand your reporting with standard sales reports and productivity reports. Use this data to see where and what you need to improve.

HubSpot Sales Dashboard

Team email

Connect email addresses to ‘conversations inbox’, to turn incoming emails into tickets or send them directly to a shared inbox. It can be smart, for example, if you have a combined email for sales, and from there you have to forward it internally to the right seller.

Email tracking and notifications

It is possible to track your emails that you send to individual leads. You can see who receives and opens your emails, and you get notifications when your recipient opens the email or clicks on CTAs in it. As previously mentioned, in the contact database you can see everything that HubSpot tracks. This way, you know whether your offer has been received and assessed, and you can follow up with the right response if you have not received a response within a given period.

HubSpot Email-tracking

Email sequences

This is the beginning of Automation. With ’email sequences’ you can automate the time-consuming follow-up with emails and tasks. You save both time and also ensure that no potential leads escape you. It is possible to set up 1,000 sequences per account, and you can initiate up to 150 contacts on sequence daily. This way you can create structure in your sales and follow the results purely statistically.


This tool is really smart. With ‘calling’ you can call your contacts directly in HubSpot. So you don’t have to enter numbers on your phone, it’s that easy. It will be easier for you to note important information from the call when you get rid of the phone. You also get the opportunity to create tasks directly from the call, so you can quickly react to the information your contact gives you.

Under ‘Calling’ you can also record conversations, which is a good lesson for future calls.

Sales Hub Starter gives you 8 hours of calls per user per month (It increases with Pro and Enterprise).

HubSpot call-contact-record

HubSpot Calling


It is always important to have goals for everything you do. And when you have set your goals, it is also important to measure them – have you achieved what you wanted? ‘Goals’ is therefore a really important and useful function that you get in Sales Hub. You can measure the performance of your individual users and teams.

You are limited to simple monthly revenue goals with Sales Starter. So if you want to measure more advanced measures, you should use Pro or Enterprise.

Live chat and conversational bots

Now you can chat 1:1 with visitors as they browse your website. Therefore, provide them with the necessary information about your company on an ongoing basis.

Sales Starter also allows you to use a ‘bot’ to connect visitors with the right ‘rep’. Also make sure to guide them to content they find relevant and informative through 1:1 communication.

HubSpot Livechat

Templates and snippets

As a sales person, you cannot avoid sending out a lot of emails. Many where you write the same thing over and over. In order to save your time writing the same emails, ‘templates’ give you the opportunity to create templates that you can keep and adjust in relation to the company you are writing to. It also allows you to save and reuse the emails that perform best so that everyone in your team can use or be inspired by them.

By using the same emails, uniformity and consistency is created in communication. And it can create a safe environment for customers and strengthen the company’s image when the communication is the same.

You can fill these templates with automations so that they remain personal and relevant. You can automatically pull all the data you have in HubSpot into your emails.

You can also create a bank of your contacts’ ‘frequently asked questions’ with corresponding answers. This saves you time and allows you to get them in advance. It also allows you to add the answers to live chat or emails to help prospects faster and reduce response time.

With Starter you can save up to 1,000 templates and snippets.


The above functions are just some of the few that you get with Sales Starter. In addition, you also get these tools with:

  • Document
  • Conversations inbox & routing
  • Email & in-app support
  • Deal pipelines
  • Messenger integration
  • Simple automation
  • Custom properties
  • Deal task and lead rotation automation
  • Quotes
  • Multiple currencies
  • Calling SDK

HubSpot Sales Pro: Deploy and scale with inbound sales tools

For larger and advanced sales teams, Sales Pro offers a package that includes advanced automation and custom reporting.

Sales Pro (Professional) has the same tools you get in Starter, which are described in the section above. But you get even more smart integrations that strengthen your sales activities in Sales Pro.

Custom reports

Create custom reports for your sales activities and use data to improve. It is also possible to get 1 dashboard with more customized reports.

Calling & support

With ‘Calling’ you get 16 hours of calls per uses every month. You can also call the HubSpot support team and get help right away.

Teams and multiple currencies

Now you can organize your account based on teams. You can redistribute leads, sort content and easily report on each team’s performance. Sales Pro allows you to have up to 25 teams.

‘Multiple currencies’ describes exactly what options the function gives you. You can use up to 30 different currencies if you are in several different international markets.

HubSpot Teams

Deal stage, task & lead rotation automation

Save time by automating general administration tasks such as assigning leads, creating tasks, notifications when contacts take specific actions. You can also get automatic lead scoring and mass updating of properties, so you can quickly find the hottest leads to work with.

With workflows, you can now initiate actions and transfer data to other tools you use or to your own programs. We want to emphasize that this is where the biggest magic happens with HubSpot Sales.

Sales Pro gives you access to as many as 300 workflows.

HubSpot lead rotation automation

HubSpot Create service contract

Required fields

To ensure the best quality of your CRM, with Sales Pro you can create fields (Fields) that your users in the sales team must fill in when they perform certain actions. Eg. you can create ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ factors that must be filled. It should help you understand your lead and make your lead warmer and sales-ready.

HubSpot Predictive Lead scoring

Product & quotes

‘Products’ makes it easy to build an archive of items that your sales team can easily add to their deals in HubSpot.

‘Quotes’ allows your sales team to quickly set up a quote in HubSpot using your contact, company and product data. Send a shareable link with your offer and make it easy for your recipient in the email to pay directly online by credit card or bank transfer.

You can create up to 100 Quotes per deal with Sales Pro.

HubSpot Gif

Smart send times

Another feature where you don’t have to think, just accept HubSpot’s help, based on data. HubSpot gives you suggestions for the best broadcast times for each contact. In this way, you can schedule the sending of your emails after the very best time.

HubSpot Smart send times

Standard contact scoring & calculated properties

Set up ‘rule-based’ scoring criteria. Keep focus on your outreach based on HubSpot data points. Use scoring to e.g. to segment lists and initiate automation. Sales Pro gives you access to 1 scoring property.

You can also set up up to 5 custom formulas to keep track of your continuously expanding database.

Video hosting & 1:1 video creation

Create, upload and manage your videos directly in HubSpot. Videos are an excellent tool to ensure a different and more present communication. It can be usefully used to explain more complex things, such as offers, contracts, etc.

Once you have uploaded your videos, you can then add them directly to your website and social media. Add CTAs and ‘forms’ in the videos themselves to track their activity. You can also choose to share the videos with your contacts so you can track their presentation.


Sequence queues

Register several contacts in a sequence. Help personalize emails faster.

Integrations with Messenger, Salesforce and Slack

With Sales Pro, you can now connect chats to the right people on your team using advanced chatbot branching. You also get access to advanced reports.

Synchronize and update Salesforce with HubSpot data with up to 1,000 ‘field mappings’ per object and up to 10,000 Salesforce owners. It is possible to integrate with 1 Salesforce account.

If you normally use Slack as a management tool, it is possible to integrate the platform with Sales Pro. You can create tasks, get notifications, and view and share contacts directly in Slack.

HubSpot integrate with Slack

HubSpot Sales Pro is essential for your sales team

All the tools mentioned are just some of the cool tools you get with HubSpot Sales Pro. There are so many features that will benefit your sales team.

You also get these functions in the Sales Pro package:

  • Record customization
  • Rep productivity performance
  • Calculated properties
  • eSignature

HubSpot Sales Enterprise: Sell More, Work Less

Despite the name, HubSpot Sales Enterprise isn’t just for giant companies. No, Enterprise can be useful for companies of different sizes. Do you have e.g. a team with several levels of management, more than one sales team, or you have a great need for visibility and reporting to the rest of your team, then Enterprise is definitely the solution for you.

Sales Enterprise is designed for more advanced sales setups. You get a robust set of tools and functions without added complexity. With a wealth of features, you can coach and scale, close more deals faster than ever before, and control your growing team.

The price of Sales Enterprise can seem daunting. But when you see what you get in the package and understand how quickly and efficiently Sales Enterprise can help you, it will probably pay off in the end.

You get the same tools and features as in Sales Pro, but most are upgraded or expanded. In addition, you naturally also get new functions that only come with Sales Enterprise.

Tools such as ‘Calling’ and ‘Dashboards’ will all be upgraded, so you can e.g. goes from 16 hours to 33 hours per user per month and now get 25 dashboards instead of one.

Read on to see some of the new features you can find in the super package, Sales Enterprise.

Hierarchical teams

Sales Enterprise allows you to organize teams, e.g. based on region, business unit and product line. You can add marketing activities and contacts to your teams, and get regular performance reports.

Customize event triggers & reporting

Auto-trigger tasks, like notifications and emails, if visitors perform certain actions on your website. Report on which events are completed using event completions reporting and customized events funnels.


Predictive lead scoring

Automatic scoring and ranking of leads, based on hundreds of factors. This way you can instead focus on the contacts that are closest to being closed.


Build a library of your most effective sales resources and best practices to share with the rest of your team. You can store up to 1,000 playbooks. It can be incredibly effective in documenting best selling practices and getting them shared and incorporated across your team.

HubSpot Playbooks

Call transcription

Instead of spending time writing down while you talk – which can be quite distracting for you and the customer, let HubSpot transcribe your calls. You save time and can focus on what is most important – the customer and your sales. Always pay attention to which languages ​​are supported.

HubSpot Call transcription

Recurring revenue tracking and quote-based workflows

Sales Enterprise allows you to build detailed reports to track and manage your recurring revenue.

You can also set limits for quotes so that exceeding them requires approval. This gives you better control over your discounts and offers.

Single sign-on

This function makes it easier for your users to log in. At the same time, you can also strengthen security and control over who has access. Users get the option to log in with ‘single sign-on credentials’.


User roles

Give users different access to levels that are only relevant and important to them.

Calling SDK and Stripe integration

With Sales Enterprise you can integrate VOIP providers, such as Aircall, on your contacts’ timeline. It requires before extensions or plugins.

If you have a Stripe account, you can make it easy to pay quotes that have been created in HubSpot.

Remember that the tools and functions that are described here in the blog are only a small selection of the functions that you get with Sales Pro. We’ve selected a few of the things we think make Sales Hub invaluable to any sales team. You can get the full overview of the features here.

HubSpot Sales Hub powers your growth

HubSpot Sales Hub is completely indispensable for your sales team. Whether it’s big or small. But if you work with inbound marketing, Sales Hub is a great help for you. You get fantastic tools to plan, measure, analyze and, not least, automate and optimize all your marketing activities. And yes, they are all gathered on the same platform and can be integrated with some of your already used free programs.

So if you find yourself spending too much time searching for things, writing the same things over and over again, and lacking a streamlined communication, Sales Hub will undoubtedly do wonders for your sales team (and your business).

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