The benefits of a blog for your online business success!

benefits of a blog

Creating and having benefits of a blog are some of the most popular recommendations you receive when you ask how you can quickly bring your business online.

Moreover, publishing blog articles has turned from a simple passion into an SEO strategy applied even by online stores.

So what are the real benefits of a blog?

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This question naturally comes to mind given the expansion of the online domain.

The advantages are diverse and differ from case to case.

However, the goals always remain the same: the first position in the organic impressions (and here we are talking primarily about Google) for as many keywords as possible.

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And how can you increase the number of keywords in a website in the most interactive and dynamic way possible?

Of course, by publishing articles on an internal blog.

However, let’s not look at everything only from a technical and strategic point of view. Blogging is more than just a way to create new links and content online.

It is a project that is guided by its own rules. Moreover, the blog can be an important source of income for those who want to start a new home business.

So, let’s see what are the real benefits of a blog and why you should choose to publish articles online as soon as possible.

Why use a blog for your business?

Blogging as a business is still an advantageous solution and will continue to be so in the years to come. Making money from the articles you publish can be a leisure activity. But, if you are organized, you can turn everything into a business that will bring you an attractive income every month, for as long as you want.

And, if you’re at the beginning of the road, stay calm. You can create a free blog in WordPress, all in less than 2, 3 hours.

If you already have a business and are active and online, the blog can help you reach the attention of customers, or potential customers, faster.

Let’s see how.

Create content that goes viral quickly

The first benefit of blogging is the impact that content can have. Written articles can go viral quickly, which means that your target audience will react accordingly.

The more attractive you choose the topics, the better. Your articles will be distributed on a lot of online platforms.

The goal is to make your business more and more popular. And the blog is a perfect way to promote yourself. Of course, don’t turn blog posts into service presentations or job descriptions. The blog should not be used for this purpose.

Through your popular articles, more and more people will hear about you and, implicitly, about the business you run. And from now until the first conversion you don’t have much to expect.

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You are always close to your target audience.

By constantly publishing articles, you make sure that you establish an active connection with your target audience.

Your readers will never get bored. Because, every time they access your site, they will find fresh and interesting content.

And this is the first step when you want to retain your customers, or when you want to create a database with email addresses.

In addition, as soon as you have an audience that constantly accesses your blog, you can start marketing campaigns, such as sending a newsletter.

Don’t forget to update the older articles and respond to the comments received. Show your availability and empathize with your target audience. The friendlier you are, the better. Your readers need to feel safe, but relaxed when they read your articles.

Increase the authority of the presentation site or online shop

Brand awareness strategies must also include creating a blog. After all, the main benefit of the blog refers to exactly this aspect: increasing the authority of the presentation site or the online store with which it is associated.

Articles written on the blog can be cited on other similar sites and you can reach the attention of an audience that, until then, knew nothing about your services.

In addition, you can write articles to publish on other sites, in the form of guest-posting services.

You will see, a blog will open many new opportunities that you can take advantage of. Remember, your main goal is to increase the authority/popularity of the presentation site or online shop.

To do this, learn how to create an editorial plan for your blog.

You get to the top Google results

As I told you at the beginning of this article, a blog is recommended when you need to create a system of internal links in order to grow organically on a large number of keywords.

In the case of online stores, where text content is limited, a blog helps increase the text/image ratio. Thus the overall SEO score is improved and a better organic indexing is obtained for a higher number of keywords.

And the more content you create and the more links, the higher your search engine rankings.

But for effective results you will need to follow an SEO strategy. In short, you need keyword research and an editorial plan. All published content will be optimized around the identified keywords and around the search/purchase intentions of online users who are part of your target audience.

And because we are talking about these things, now would be a perfect time to read more about creating a buyer persona profile.

You convert fast

The blog lowers the bounce rate and redirects users through the pages of the website. In addition, articles can be easily converted when they contain call to action fields.

Each item must contain links to the service pages, the products you sell, and / or the contact page.

If your readers appreciate the quality of the information on the blog, they will definitely trust to use your services.

benefits of a blog

Thus, you convert directly from the blog article. Simple, fast and efficient.

Create your own community

The blog is also good if you want to create a community around your presentation site. A blog is an important source of indirect content to the extent that readers leave comments and actively participate in refreshing the content on that page.

Moreover, blog articles can be redistributed on social media channels in order to gather likes and shares online.

Thus, new users are redirected to your presentation site through various sources.

You have new sources of income

The blog can be easily monetized. And this is another benefit that you will surely enjoy.

There are various ways you can make money from blogging. I also mention the most important ones here:

  • PPC Promotion – Customers pay for an ad displayed on your site.
  • Affiliation – you receive a commission for recommending products / services on your blog.
  • AdSense service – you display ads through the Google AdSense service and you receive a commission every time someone clicks on the ad running in the article.
  • Banners – similar to PPC promotion this method involves buying space on your blog for advertising purposes.
  • Sponsored reviews – you receive products, or commissions for presentations and / or product descriptions that you publish on the blog.


As you can see, the benefits of a blog are varied. Depending on what you want and the specifics of your business, you can use the blog in various ways.

The goal is always the same: a better online presence.

And the result is really useful: fast conversions, efficient search engine indexing, brand awareness and new monetization opportunities.

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