What Is The Price For A WordPress Site?

What Is The Price For A WordPress Site?

What is the price for a WordPress site? One of the first question any person will ask herself, who have a business or is about to start one.

An old saying goes that nothing is really free in this world, and this is true even when it comes to creating a site “with 0 costs” on WordPress. How so? In the following you will understand perfectly what we are talking about when it comes to the price of a WordPress site.

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So, wherever you look, wherever you read, you will see written in lame letters that on WordPress you can create a free site. True! But this if you are only interested in the basic options of the platform and you have no problem having an address like www.my.wordpress.com.

In other words, it’s free as long as you want a personal diary for a very small number of readers. But, most likely you do not fall into this category, because success, online or offline, is far from free.

And, if we keep talking about costs for sites, see what is the price for a WordPress online store.

So let’s see what the price of a WordPress site is, with all its hidden or less hidden costs.

It is important to mention, before you start, that this total cost differs significantly from the purchase price of your WordPress site. Why? Because a site involves not only acquisition, but also maintenance. In addition, there are certain costs that are often overlooked and that we will talk about in detail.

Don’t forget one thing: often the cost also reflects the quality. In short, if you choose to create a cheap site, you must also be aware of the existing risks. We talked more about the risks of a cheap site in a separate article; you will definitely find useful information if you are just starting out with your online business.

How to calculate the price for a WordPress site?


The price of a WordPress site includes the purchase of a domain, your own trademark online. It can be done with the purchase of hosting, being included in the packages offered by Bluehost. This may be the best option for you.


By purchasing a web hosting service, you practically ensure the necessary physical space on a server so that your site can run online.

However, fx. Bluehost web hosting packages contain more than that. You also benefit from free SSL certificate, backup, unlimited traffic, storage of up to 50 GB(basic plan), the possibility to host several domains or support provided by email. And, add to these, the care of web hosting specialists so that the site runs in the best conditions.

To the price of your site WordPress adds, therefore, a small amount starting from 2.95$/month, depending on your needs.

Premium theme

We said in this article about choosing a WordPress theme that it is not recommended to choose free themes, especially if you want a “professional” site. Your online success also depends on the theme you choose, so don’t skimp and buy one that meets all the specific requirements of your project.

You have a variety of templates to choose from, and the costs that add to the price of your WordPress site start at 10$ and can exceed 100$ for complex themes, with multiple options. You can take a look here, for your dream template.

If you still have a limited budget, there are free themes that are worth trying. We’ve put together a list of the most popular free WordPress themes that you can try at any time.

Premium plugins

For everything that does not have your site in the basic version, there are plugins. You will be able to choose some free ones, but, like everything that is good in the world, the ones that are really great cost.

Why do you need premium plugins? To be sure that your site works flawlessly, to be loved by Google, protected from cyber attacks and to make your marketing strategy effective.

How much does it cost you? Between 10$ and 200$ each. Keep in mind that there are also plugins for which a license is paid monthly or annually.

For most modules, however, there is also the possibility to choose the free version. It has fewer options available, but if you are at the beginning of the road, the free version will be enough for you.

As for free plugins, we wrote a special article on this topic: 9 useful WordPress plugins.


If you want a custom site, ie perfectly adapted to your needs and objectives, then take into account the price of the WordPress site and the development costs.

A programmer and a web designer who will fulfill your desires in terms of appearance and functionality will cost you between 500 – 10000$, the amounts being even higher if we talk about developing an online store. Also, if you want a web application, be prepared to invest at least 5,000$ from the start.

But, you can find a cheaper way, to create a website of your dreams. You just need to find the right person on Fiverr.


Did you manage to create your WordPress site? Congratulations! However, your investment does not end here. Once you launch it online, you need maintenance, which also comes with its investment. You will need, for example, backup and security services, upgrades, updates both technically and in terms of content.

If you don’t want to bother, however, you can completely outsource maintenance services, adding, of course, a new figure to the price of your WordPress site. This figure starts at 5$ per month and can reach several hundred dollars, depending on the complexity of your online project.

The maintenance process will also involve the use/interpretation of Google Analytics and Search Console reports. These Google services provide important data about site traffic, organic indexing, and possible indexing errors that can lead to Google penalties.


And once you’ve done all that, your investment can generate ROI, you can’t do without promotion. Even if it is cheaper than the offline version, online promotion must be included in the price of your WordPress site.

Here, you set your budgets according to your needs and financial resources. Between all of them and currently, Facebook Ads and email marketing, however, remain the most accessible ads you can use.

As for email marketing, for a database of 2000 contacts or more, your investment in a special dedicated tool starts at 9$ and increases with the number of contacts in your database.

See how to choose the right marketing tool for your WordPress site.

And now, let’s draw the line!

The price of a WordPress site, the unpretentious version,starts from 180$(amount paid only once, at the beginning). Anyway, it’s not free at all. But is it much?

Try to open a physical store instead of an online one, and you will feel the difference. Online is, without a doubt, a less expensive and more effective promotion environment.

Advice: don’t put your hands on your head because you can’t afford them all from the beginning. Start with small things and add extensions and services as your online business grows.

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