10 Methods to Capture an Email Address on Your Website

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In the previous articles we talked about how to choose the right email marketing tool and how to grow your email database. But just as important, or perhaps more important, is how you actually capture the coveted email address of every visitor to your site.

There are several ways to help you grow your database, but the most effective tool you have is your website. How exactly do you use it to collect new email addresses? Let’s see together!

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10 email address capture methods

Hello bar

It is a very good alternative to using famous pop ups, being much less intrusive and therefore almost not annoying to users.

The best part is that it remains permanently displayed on the site. This way you can send a specific message to your visitors without distracting them from the content they are reading.

Slide on the scroll

One of the easiest ways to capture your email address is to enter a subscription request when the visitor scrolls on your site page.

For efficiency it is recommended that this request appear after the user has seen about 70-80% of that page. It is perfect if the subscription box makes an easy entry from somewhere in the bottom corner of the page. In this way you are limiting the possibility of annoying those to whom it is addressed.

Pop up on departure

This is one of the latest technological “finds” in the field, which can increase the subscription rate even 400 times. It’s wow, isn’t it?

This is a pop up capturing the email address that appears just as the user intends to leave the site. It is very effective in turning away visitors into subscribers.

These new pop-ups, called exit-intent pop-ups – are already available through specific online tools, such as OptinMonster.

Final pop up

When you create and provide visitors with free content on your site, it’s sacred to have a pop-up capturing the email address at the end of the text.

It works, if you will, as a kind of call to action, a prompt that shows them the direction. What they have to do now that they have reached the end of your article. In this way, those who have not subscribed so far will certainly do so, if the content you delivered was interesting to them.

It is a method meant to add value to the browsing experience. It usually appears on blog pages where articles are not full width and is a good way to get new email addresses.

Its efficiency increases considerably if an ebook or any other valuable content for visitors is placed next to the subscription call. This way, you will definitely capture more than one email address per day!

Landing page

A dedicated landing page can increase the number of email addresses by as much as 50%. For maximum efficiency, it’s a good idea to consider a few things:

  • Provide something of great interest to your visitors.
  • Choose an attractive design in contrasting colors.
  • Includes reviews to increase credibility.
  • Use eye-catching images.
  • Make sure the subscription button is large and colorful enough to be visible “from space”. Recommended colors are red, green and blue.

To find out everything you need to know about making a landing page an unbeatable marketing tool, take a look here:

How to write an irresistible sales page?

Insert into content

If you’re not a big fan of pop ups, you can go for inserts. These are the subscription boxes that you can enter in the content of your texts and that will help you grow your email address base.

You can use the insert throughout the text (but be careful not to abuse it, otherwise you might get annoyed almost as much as with a pop up) or you can keep it only for the end.

Home gate

Your name may not be very familiar, but this technique of collecting email addresses is also effective, being able to increase the subscription rate by 50%.

As a site, the subscription box is right on the home page, which is the page with the most impact on your site, and also acts as a welcome message to visitors.

In order to be even more efficient, it is good that it is not limited to being a simple subscription call, but also to offer something in return (an ebook, a discount, etc.).

The method is very practical for blogs, but I have also seen many websites that use it.

Mini questionnaire

Another effective way to capture visitors’ email addresses is through a mini questionnaire.

Qualaroo, an online tool that will, among other things, give you the opportunity to generate leads in a less common way, will help you in this regard. Instead of the classic contact form, you can launch the subscription request using a mini questionnaire.

It may contain a question such as: “Would you like to receive more information directly in your inbox?”, The two possible answers, respectively “Yes” (with a box with the email address) and “No ”, Followed by the“ Submit ”button.

Contact form

Yes, the classic contact form is a must have for your site. This will help you collect in addition to your email address and other important information such as visitors’ names, addresses or phone numbers. But make sure you also have their permission to subscribe to your newsletter. This can be done by simply checking the option in the form.

When it comes to online tools to help you capture email addresses for your site, there are plenty of options. Among them: Thrive Leads, Optin Popup (Elegant Themes) or GetResponse.

And now you’re probably wondering: which of all these email capture methods would be right for my site? Well, there are no recipes for success in this regard, so you can find the answer by trying, testing.

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