The best 5 methods for optimizing your product page

methods for optimizing

Selling online is not as simple as you might think at first. You need to find the best methods for optimizing you website, your products, ads etc

You have so many things to do. And no, creating the site is not the most difficult stage you will go through.

Sounds hard to believe? Believe me, it’s not.

The challenge begins immediately after the first products are published. Ok, you have everything online, you have even invested in paid advertising. And yet, why don’t the orders flow?

The problem is often related to the product page. Find out that when we talk about online shops and marketing strategies to increase sales, we look at this page for the first time.

Certainly, your site needs product page optimization. I tell you from experience because this is the most ignored page.

And it should be exactly the opposite.

Users who come to your site will usually access the product page directly. The data say that this proportion is around 75%. This is because every call to action you use has a product page as its destination.

The data say that this proportion is around 75%  by findtheblogger

Once on this page, your customers must be convinced to complete the order. However, a product page that is not optimized correctly will not generate the conversions you expect.

You can easily see data that confirms these things in Google Analytics: it analyzes reports on bounce rate, conversion rate, and user time on product pages.

Product page optimization: the parameters that interest us

Okay, then let’s get serious.

We’ve determined that part of the reason your site doesn’t sell effectively is related to how you choose to create your product page. Let’s see how we can change this.

The parameters that should interest you in the analysis below are the following:

  • The product.
  • Your company’s brand.
  • Page design.
  • Copywriting.

Of course, on the product page, the attention must be focused on the product. So make sure the product is as visible as possible. Position it so that the user sees it without having to navigate the page for additional details.

the user sees it without having to navigate the page for additional details

Since not all users reach the product page on the homepage, you need to make sure that your company’s brand is visible here as well. Otherwise, potential customers may have some uncertainties regarding the identity of your online store.

Having a brand that you are proud of, clearly visible on all the pages of the site, offers extra confidence to future customers.

The design of the product page is extremely important. It must allow intuitive navigation, regardless of the profile of the user who came to your online store. Of course, the design needs to be optimized for mobile browsing.

You can’t sell without text content. And content made to sell falls into the realm of copywriting. In short, the text on this page needs to convince and convert.

But, we will go into details as I explain how to optimize the product page.

Practical solutions for product page optimization

Use as clear photos as possible

A picture is as much as 1000 words. Well, in our case a picture makes as many as 1000 orders.

It is mandatory to include the best quality pictures that describe your product in detail.

The more beautiful the pictures and the more details they offer, the more trustworthy your site inspires.

I recommend using pictures with a white or black background depending on the product you are selling. A too colorful background will take over the importance of the product. The secret is to find the perfect contrast between the background and the product.

pictures with a white or black background

You can process each picture before publishing it, but it does not distort reality. The customer wants to receive exactly what they saw on your site. Don’t play with his expectations if you don’t want to have further complaints.

Include as many pictures as you want. The more, the better especially when they present the product from all perspectives.

Make sure the call to action button is visible

There is only one way to complete the order. Use the add to cart button, or whatever you named it in your online store.

This is the call to action button. Make sure it’s visible no matter where the user is on the page.

It must be accessible even when your customer chooses to read the product description. It does not complicate the sale-purchase process and offers everything on the tray.

The button can be colored, but the contrast between the background color and the text must be as good as possible.

Let the add button in the basket breathe. Do not crowd text around it and do not isolate it. Integrate it into the page design so that it is, along with the product, in the spotlight.

Includes reviews

Confidence in your product increases with each review you receive.

The more reviews a product has, the more orders it will generate. In addition, a comment is just an invitation to debate.

If you receive negative reviews, don’t be scared. Try to respond as calmly and objectively as possible, trying to please even the worst-minded customers.

negative reviews

Remember, there is no negative advertising. Don’t give up on reviews just because you received a few malicious comments. The goal is to increase the activity on the product page and to involve as many buyers as possible to express their opinion about your services.

Of course, if negative comments predominate, it would be good to try to improve your own services.

Add presentation videos

More than 45% of those who buy online prefer presentation videos at the expense of the classic text description.

Product page optimization should include the introduction of videos, which is a guaranteed way to increase online sales.

A perfect tool for presentation videos is Doodly. It is a easy to use tool and you can grow your brand with nice video that you will create.

Doodly by findtheblogger

The advantage of a video is that it transmits a lot of information in a very short time. In addition, it presents in detail the product but also how it is packaged and delivered.

In this video you can show how a product is installed or works, you can include testimonials and you can give details about the warranty and the return procedure. The more generous you are in information, the more you will inspire confidence in the services of the online store.

Justify the price by selling descriptions

The description of the product must justify the selling price. This convinces the user that he needs your product and that the price is right.

Focus the description on benefits and advantages. Do not go into technical details unless necessary.

Structure the description to make it easier to read. Use titles and subtitles include infographics, add lists and any other graphics that could highlight the benefits of the product you are selling.


At this point, you should know the fastest ways to optimize your product page to increase your online sales.

Don’t forget the A / B tests. In some cases, there are solutions that work, while for other sites the same solutions will not have the desired results.

That’s why you have to run A / B tests every time you make a new change. In short, here’s what these tests mean:

  • Before changing anything, use Google Analytics, Search Console, and tools that allow you to analyze user behavior on the product page.
  • Write down important data for a well-defined time frame (minimum 3 months). I recommend that you consider data about the page exit rate, the number of hits vs. number of orders, time spent on the page, traffic sources, or demographics.
  • Apply the changes discussed above.
  • Follow the evolution of the online store. Analyze the same data and values as already listed and see how much your changes have helped increase your conversion or not.
  • It concludes: based on the data obtained, it decides whether the changes are justified or not.

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