What Are The Best Methods For Promoting A WordPress Site?

Methods For Promoting

Did you pass the technical development of the WordPress site? If you have completed the acquisition of the domain, its correlation with a hosting service, the installation of a theme, and its configuration, it means that you are ready to welcome your customers on the site.

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But, as you may have noticed from the Google Analytics and Search Console reports, the traffic on the site is a bit long overdue.

By the way, now is a good time to learn how to:

Use the Google Analytics interface;

To follow the evolution of the site with the help of the Search Console reports.

A new website will always have problems attracting the audience. Organic indexing takes time and requires constant content marketing activities.

So how do you solve the traffic problem?

You have several solutions to find methods for promoting your WordPress site.

Some of them are commercial, and others relate to SEO optimization strategies.

If the former involves posting ads online to drive traffic to the site, the latter is intended to show site pages in the top Google results for as many keywords as possible.

What are the most effective methods in these categories of online promotion?

Below you will find all the information to clarify these dilemmas.

WordPress promotion through paid ads

WordPress is a blogging platform. Or, at least that’s how it entered the market for open-source web development platforms.

Currently, WordPress is used for blogs, presentation sites, sales pages, or online stores.

However, it has the highest performance in the presentation of services.

It can also be used successfully in online shops, but only when the number of products is not too large. The WooCommerce module has its limitations in this regard.

So, most of the time, WordPress promotion capitalizes on web pages for presentation purposes.

It describes services, benefits, advantages, opportunities for personal and/or professional development, etc.

So, in this case, the promotion is focused on the image of the brand and the related services.

In short, paid promotion campaigns are aimed at raising audience awareness. Towards the need to purchase and not to a direct purchase, as is the case with online stores.

How do you apply for such a promotion?

Facebook Posts and Facebook Ads

When you want to increase the authority of a Facebook brand, it is the best place to do it. Here you will find a variety of users that can be very well segmented according to age, occupation, geolocation, income, usual interests, etc.

You can create a business page around which to gather a new community. For this you will need to establish a monthly posting plan. Capitalize on topics of interest in your field of activity and avoid cliché posts. Differentiate yourself from the competition and choose dynamic and interactive messages.

Emphasize information, education, and the advantages and benefits of the services you provide.

Post frequently, but only when you have something relevant to say. Maintain the high quality of the posts and do not disappoint/bore your audience.

In addition, choose promotion through Facebook Ads when you want to quickly score at the image level. Brand awareness campaigns feel at ease on Facebook. Of course, it follows the advertising rules imposed by Facebook and ensures an online experience that follows the expectations of the target audience and not your expectations.


On Instagram, you will work with a predominantly young audience. A more pretentious and dynamic audience than the one on Facebook.

Here it will be more difficult to gather an audience, whether you follow the recipe for daily posts and stories or Instagram Ads.

Here, more than anywhere, the visuals you choose matter. Pictures really make as many as 1000 words, so choose them wisely.

Again, the goal is not to pursue a direct sale. But brand promotion and services. The sale will come later.

A good idea for promoting WordPress sites on Instagram is to associate with an influencer.


For WordPress presentation sites, sales pages, and blogs, YouTube is an effective promotion solution.

From podcasts to company presentation videos, everything can be integrated into the WordPress platform. And links to and from YouTube will help your site grow in organic positioning.

Video content helps sales more than you think.

YouTube Ads is an interesting alternative and still little exploited in our market. So, you can turn your attention to this method of promotion, if you have the right resources – you need to create interactive videos, quality and with a direct impact on users.

Other solutions

TikTok is growing rapidly in terms of the number of users in the domestic market. Forums in your areas of interest, as well as existing banners and ads on partner blogs, can quickly promote your WordPress site.

It is important to stay open to new loopholes. And always allocate budgets dedicated to the online marketing segment.

Start gradually and as the results come, expand your coverage. The better known you are, the better and faster you sell.

The power of the brand makes the difference, online users are always looking for quality services, which they can trust.

And the more you are present on the mentioned platforms, the better you increase the authority of your business image.

WordPress promotion through SEO optimizations

Effective organic indexing means attracting traffic for free. No paid ads, but by capitalizing on keywords.

We are talking about the intentions or needs of users that turn into concrete searches in search engines.

If your WordPress site is in the search results, the promotion is guaranteed. Traffic increases, conversions are also to your advantage.

But, the road to getting top positions in search engines is difficult. It requires a long-term plan, patience, and monthly data analysis.

Here is a plan you should follow:

Keyword research and meta texts

First of all, it’s a good idea to start with a keyword analysis. This identifies the most frequent searches in your field of activity.

Read more about how to do keyword research correctly.

Make a list of all the identified keywords. Then expand those words to create long-tail queries.

Remember that you have people in front of you and not robots. Your content, even if it contains keywords, is aimed at users and not indexing algorithms.

Starting with long-tail queries, it creates meta titles and meta descriptions for the site’s pages. I recommend that you set meta content especially for those pages where the published text is less than 300 words. Or, for pages where there is no keyword-optimized content. In that case, the meta tags will send search engines the focus of the pages in question.

Optimized content

Once you’ve prepared your keyword list, go to the site content stage.

Choose a structure that allows you to scroll through information quickly. Use titles and subtitles, insert images, videos, and other graphics.

It’s a good idea to vary the elements on a page to make it more dynamic. Of course, don’t forget to include call-to-action fields to turn everything into direct action.

I told you more about how to write texts like a professional in a separate article.

The content on the site must be interconnected. That is, you use a structure of internal links that capitalize on and expand existing information.

In this way, the user will access several pages, as happens in a sales funnel.

The goal is to ensure conversion. It is good not to forget this aspect when using internal links. I’m telling you this so as not to direct the user to a page that may negatively influence the purchase decision.

External links to your site are extremely important. They convey to the search engine that web pages are relevant and of interest to online users.

But this only happens when backlinks come from sites in a field of activity similar to yours. And, from sites better positioned in indexing than yours.

How do you get such useful links?

A solution is paid advertorials. Another solution is to partner with various blogs. Or, frequent posting on social media channels and forums of interest. At some point, users will send referrals to your site when they are satisfied with the services found.

Unlimited growth opportunities

Whether you choose WordPress promotion through paid advertising, or through an SEO strategy, it is important not to give up.

Evolution involves both ups and downs. So, learn from the bad things and grow your business constantly.

One thing that can help you with this is the WordPress maintenance services. They will monitor the performance of the site and will draw the subsequent directions of online promotion.

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